Traveling the world is life-changing. There are many sights to see and experiences to have. One of the most unique and historic places in the world is Italy, with many regions and cities to visit. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to go first.

Here are 7 of the most gorgeous destinations in Italy that are must-see places along your travels.


Naples is a city in Italy that every tourist needs to include in their itinerary. There is plenty to do here, appealing to artists and historians alike as a city of great culture. There are many museums and historic sites to visit. Additionally, the people and atmosphere also contribute greatly to the wonders of the city. For those that love food along with their history, Naples is the place where many famous Italian dishes come from, including pizza, and spaghetti. You can expect its people and restaurants to take it seriously providing you the most authentic experience possible.


One of Italy’s most recognized cities, Rome is more than a tourist attraction. There is a great deal of historic importance tied with the city, as it is a central figure when it comes to religion and culture. Rome is home to beautiful cities that draw many tourists, highlighted by unique architecture that is shown through its cathedrals, plazas, and historically rich sites. There are plenty of Rome colosseum tours that will showcase the ancient Roman structures that portray the power and influence of the once-mighty empire. No Italian vacation is complete without exploring Rome.


If you are looking for some tourist-friendly travel spots in Italy, with the coast and beautiful beaches in mind, another place to consider is Sicily. It is a region comprised of several smaller islands, making it perfect for those that simply want to get away. Much like Rome, Sicily is just as rich in their art and history, with plenty of churches and temples to visit. Sicily is also home to Europe’s tallest active volcano. If you want to experience a little piece of Italy, look no further than Sicily.


Milan is another major city in Italy, as well as Europe, being considered one of its wealthiest. As many cities in Italy, Milan is also considered to be one of the most cultured. It boasts many cathedrals and architecture that combines both traditional and modern designs within its city limits. In addition to having historical importance, Milan is recognized as a modern-day leader in the fashion industry.


When you think about some of the world’s most historic locations, Pompei is another city that stands out. Many tourists seek to visit Pompei, as it is famous for being the city that was buried under volcanic ash for many centuries. Because it is still being unearthed even to this day, the city provides a perspective or view of what the world was like in such historic times. It is a place to visit to experience time in a different era, seeing many sites in a preserved state. You will gain a new appreciation of just how civilization lived, with all the references from the history books in real life.


Another major tourist destination, Venice is unique in its infrastructure and design, as the city essentially floats on water. Instead of highways and roads, the waterways that surround the city create a unique traveling experience. Because its design is so unique, you will find that the city is often crowded on your travels or vacation. This, however, does not deter from the experience, and it is still worthwhile to spend some time in Venice during your journeys. If you want a tourist site to see with your loved one, Venice is among the most romantic destinations in the world.


As one of Italy’s most famous regions, Tuscany provides a breathtaking view of rolling hills that you might find in pictures and images. Much of the city still maintains its medieval and renaissance-inspired architecture, making simply moving around a sight to behold. It is home to some beautiful beaches in Elba, while Pisa is home to the famous leaning tower. Tuscany is an ideal place for those looking for a bit of relaxation while taking in as much culture around them as possible.

No matter where you travel in Italy, you are sure to find as much history and culture as you wish to experience. Its different sites may be crowded, but for good reason. The country has many beautiful places to see, and you will lose track of time trying to visit them all.

Published by HOLR Magazine.