While many of us wish we had a few thousand dollars lying around to blow on a luxurious holiday whenever we choose, only the wealthy few have that option. However, that doesn’t mean you have to skip out on vacation entirely. 

Whether you want to ski in the alps, book a private jet, or simply enjoy a lavish weekend away, there are a few things you can do to vacation like a celebrity on a budget. 

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Start Saving Early 

The first thing you should do is to start saving early. If you want to go overseas or to a far-flung destination, you will need to have a sufficiently full piggy bank if you want to get the most out of it. 

Start a travel fund that you add to whenever you can, and then book the holiday when you know you have more than enough money. 

Hunt for Deals

Before you finalize your trip, do some research and see what deals you can find. There are many airlines, hotel chains and travel agencies that are constantly running deals on flights or getaways if you are flexible with your travel dates. 

The benefit of these deals is two-fold, as you are either able to save money and spend it somewhere else or get a flight or stay upgraded for the same price as you were going to pay. 

Have a Budget

A proper budget means the difference between having a good holiday and having an unforgettable one. Not only does it ensure you have enough money to do everything you want to do, but you also have some spare if you want to do something spontaneous. 

Travel Out of Season

One of the best ways to visit exclusive or expensive destinations is to travel there during the off-season. Travel prices are usually lower as planes are trying to fill their routes, and the town or city you are going to is less populated and a bit calmer. 

While this doesn’t apply everywhere, London and New York being examples, it does apply to beach or snowy destinations such as parts of Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean. 

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Skip the Hotel

Too many holidaymakers focus too much on the hotel and not enough on where they want to go or do. Considering you are on holiday and will spend most of your time exploring, a hotel is just somewhere you are going to sleep. 

Instead of a fancy hotel, opt for an Airbnb, a BnB, or even a hostel. Most major towns and cities have hundreds of upmarket options that provide the comfy room and safety you need but without the price tag of a hotel. 

Choose Experiences

A holiday is all about what you want to do and see; therefore, you should prioritize experiences and not something like the hotel. No matter where you go, there is so much to do that you can start at sun up and finish at sundown and not even make a dent. 

If you have saved money by looking for deals or staying somewhere cheaper, use it to do something you will never get the chance to do again. 

Consider a Cruise

For the longest time, cruises have been viewed as something done by retirees who spend their day on a sun lounger by the pool. However, a cruise is one of the best ways to live in the lap of luxury and also visit multiple countries. 

There are cruises that take you across Scandinavia, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and many other spots. They often also work out to be more affordable if you do the trip yourself, even if you don’t get to spend a lot of time in each country. Plus, most cruises include everything from food and drink to tour tickets in their price. 

Skiing Holidays 

Much like a cruise, there are dozens of companies that offer all-inclusive skiing holidays to some of the most exclusive resorts in the world. You can stay in your own cabin in the Alps, or maybe you would prefer a small resort in Aspen. 

As mentioned, they are all-inclusive, meaning you get all your meals, drinks vouchers, and skiing and snowboarding lessons if you so choose. There are also often package deals available if you want to travel with friends or family.  

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Choose the Right Destination

Finally, picking the right destination is arguably one of the most important factors. While a weekend away in Monaco sounds incredible, for the same money, you can live like royalty in a cheaper country such as Thailand or Bali. 

While what you can do in a country is important, use the currency conversion rate to get the most out of it. The difference between what $100 gets you in a town like Paris to what it gets you in Bangkok is mindblowing to some. 

Published by HOLR Magazine.