Being a stunningly beautiful State, with plenty of natural treasures, it’s no wonder that people throughout the world flock to Montana. As the fourth largest state in America with twenty-eight million acres of public lands, Montana is home to seven state forests and fifty-three state parks. Home to the moor different species of mammals in any American State, Montana is a great place for animal and nature lovers, alike. With plenty to do, here are seven Montana adventures to have in your lifetime.

Yellowstone National Park

At the heart of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Yellowstone Park is famed for its hydrothermal and geological wonder. It is thought you would need around four days at the park to immerse yourself in all its glory. However, it is thought that some tours in Montana can achieve the same in two days. 

With breathtaking natural environments including canyons, alpine rivers, forests, hot springs, geysers like Old Faithful, you will be in for a treat. The infamous Yellowstone River runs through the park and is the longest undammed free-flowing river in America. Furthermore, Yellowstone National Park abounds with wildlife like elk, bears, wolves, bison, and antelope that you truly will be amazed at seeing.

Glacier National Park

With an impressive two hundred and fifty lakes within its boundaries, Glacier National Park is caved within Montana’s rocky mountains. With picturesque glacier peaks and valleys that run to the Canadian border, the Park is crossed by the Going-to-the-Sun Road. If you want to drive along this road, the best time to visit is said to be between June to mid-September. There’s an expanse of seven hundred miles of hiking trails and you can get to the breathtakingly beautiful Hidden Lake. Being able to explore nature on both sides of the continental divide between Canada and America, there is a lot you can discover when you get this close to nature.

Garnet Ghost Town

If you’re looking for something a little different, how about visiting one of Montana’s ghost towns? Considered one of this State’s best-preserved mining towns from the nineteenth century, Garnet Ghost Town was home to at least one thousand people when it was a thriving gold mining town around 1898. There have been rumours of hauntings, particularly at Kelly’s Saloon, where sounds of music and laughter have been reported, even during winter when access to Garnet Ghost Town is restricted due to limited access. Guests or visitors at the Old Wells Hotel have even reported hearing footsteps and doors shutting, despite there being no doors to shut.

Earthquake Lake

Also known as Quake Lake, Earthquake Lake is located in southwestern Montana, having been created after an earthquake caused a landslide that killed twenty-eight people in 1959. Moving at one hundred miles an hour within one minute, locals had little to no chance to react to this catastrophic natural disaster, which came to be known as the Hebgen Lake Earthquake. 

In 1967, the Earthquake Lake Visitor Centre opened its door to visitors and now has around fifty thousand visitors annually during June and September. With panoramic views of the mountains that fell and created this visual delight, it is no wonder many are curious to see the natural beauty created from something so disastrous. 

Gates of the Mountains Wilderness

Between Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks is the Gates of the Mountains Wilderness, which was created by an Act of Congress in 1964. Considered an area renowned for its beauty, it is known for the expedition by Lewis and Clark to explore the Louisiana Purchase and Pacific Northwest and the Mann Gulch Fire in 1949. The latter was a ferocious fire that was started by lightning said to have struck a dead tree. The boat tour is said to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see nature and wildlife in their natural habitat.

Gate-to-the-Sun Road

This is an infamous scenic mountain road completed in 1932. It is a popular tourist attraction found in the Glacier National Park. With twisting turns and narrow lanes, it is as long as the Park itself, stretching from one end of it to another. With fifty miles of road to travel, you will pass almost every type of terrain along your journey including lakes, glaciers, forests, and mountains, along with the different wildlife living in these areas. It is said that traveling in both directions of the road is something worth doing as there are different types of scenery to take in. There are also stop-off points along the way, providing ideal places to stop and take in the sights as well as pictures of them.

Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Centre

Being the state with the most species of animals it seems only right to feature a place dedicated to at least one or two types of mammal. This Centre enables you to see live bears and wolves at close range. With tickets that are valid for two days, you can visit the Centre at any time of the year. Early or late arrivals may also see wolf packs howling. You can also attend presentations and Yellowstone Ranger Talks that will enhance your knowledge about these amazing creatures and more that are housed at the Discovery Centre.



There is something special when you are able to enjoy nature in all its glory. Montana is a unique State that provides this and more. Packed full of activities that are bound to keep you occupied and enthralled throughout your visit, Montana is a place you will fall in love with. There are so many different things to discover that you will need to remember to pause for breath whilst taking in the breathtakingly beautiful sights