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There may come a time in your life when you need a big construction or renovation project done. It could be for your home, for a property you own, or for the company you work for. No matter what, you will want to get the job done as well as possible for the least amount of money possible. While you might think the best option would be to handle the management of the project yourself, that might not be the case. A general contractor is usually your best bet to get a big project done right. 

A general contractor is someone who will overlook every aspect of the project for you. They will hire subcontractors, source materials, consult on design, and make sure that everything is running on time and on budget. It’s a huge undertaking since they will also have to sign work permits, schedule digging locates, and deal with deliveries and shipments. This is all work that will take away from your everyday life and deal with a seemingly endless number of headaches. However, there are several benefits to hiring a general contractor for your next project. Here are the top 7 of them. 

Time Is Precious

Your time is valuable no matter what you do or who you are. Instead of managing a large construction or renovation project, you can be doing any number of things. You can pursue your hobbies, spend time with family, build your own business, or catch up on the programs you’ve been meaning to watch. It doesn’t matter, as it is your time. However, if you are managing a project, this is time that you won’t have, and you won’t get it back. Yes, hiring a general contractor is an investment, but it is not just an investment in a professional. It is an investment on being able to spend your time on things that are valuable to you. 


When you are taking on a large project as an amateur, then you are bound to make mistakes. Orders might not be made, or you could hire subcontractors on conflicting schedules. Whatever the error is, it will delay the project, extend the time the space is a construction site, and boost your budget. Hiring a contractor can avoid all of that. A professional with experience understands how to schedule things properly, and they will know all the details to manage to make sure that a project is running efficiently. If they hit snags during the work, they will have solutions to fix the issue and move on quickly. If you get stuck and do not know a solution, then it can be an even bigger investment in time and money to move on. 

Save Money On Materials

Materials are one of the biggest costs on a construction project. You could need lumber, concrete, fixtures, flooring, and anything else that is necessary for a construction project. You can do the work to source these materials on your own, but usually, a contractor can get them more affordably and avoid delays. Contractors can often get bulk prices if they work on many projects. Those prices would not be available to you if you are not managing a lot of construction sites. Getting bulk prices can mean huge savings to your project, which you can then invest back to help pay for the contractor. 

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A contractor will know what piece of equipment is needed at what stage of the project. You will need vehicles to dig, tools to create, and even items like bottom dump hoppers to remove debris and waste. If you aren’t familiar with construction and debris removal, then you might rent the wrong things, further delaying the project. There are so many different tools and items that are used in modern construction, and you need someone who is an expert to know which is appropriate for each task. 


Depending on the project, there may be some red tape that you have to deal with to be legally able to proceed. For instance, you will need permits to dig and to work with plumbing and electrical. That involves submitting detailed plans to the permitting office to ensure they will be safe and effective. Unfortunately, there may be some permits that you are not aware you need. This can lead to the project getting delayed, torn apart after it’s finished, or you paying fines if you didn’t file the right paperwork ahead of time. 

Safety Codes

A general contractor’s job is to understand safety codes and hire subcontractors that adhere to them. The truth is that safety standards are changing all the time. A google search might not even give you up-to-date information. Therefore, you may deal with old standards that no longer apply as a layman. A contractor should make it a part of their job to ensure they are up to date with all safety codes so that a project and the finished product are as safe as possible. You do not want to cause an injury or a fire after the project is finished.

Money Saving 

This might seem counterintuitive, but hiring a general contractor can actually save you money. Yes, there is a price they can get on materials. However, every delay you have on a project is expensive. It means more billable hours from subcontractors, equipment rentals, and worker wages. However, with a general contractor keeping things on track, you can avoid those cost overruns and keep the project running on time. This saves you money, even with the cost of the contractor. Even if it ends up being more expensive, the peace of mind will be worth it. 

Don’t make a huge investment in a construction project only for it to fall apart due to inexperienced management. Instead, hire a general contractor so your project can be the best it can be. 

Published by HOLR Magazine.