Every day it feels like we inch a little closer to returning to life pre coronavirus. With 66.2% of the population here in Canada having gotten at least one dose of vaccine, the options for social interaction are the best they’ve been in some time. Whether you plan to lounge in a park with your fellow vaccinated friends or grab some drinks on a patio somewhere, a summer playlist filled with bangers is an absolute necessity. If you’re looking for some foods to keep you healthy this summer, check out this article from HOLR. So before you get sick of them, here are 7 songs to keep in the rotation this summer:

Good 4 u – Olivia Rodrigo 

The former Disney Channel star has solidified herself this year as an authority in the pop-music landscape this year with her debut album Sour. Whether you’re going through a breakup or currently in a happy relationship, Good 4 u is too catchy to ignore. A guitar-backed anthem centred around that melancholy feeling of seeing your old flame seemingly doing so much better without you. It’s fast-paced, relatable, and a perfect soundtrack for this summer.

Image Courtesy of Geffen Records


Modern Day – Migos

If you’re looking to encourage some energy while you’re getting ready for a summer night out on the town, your safest bet will be this hip-hop track. Coming off of the Migos newest album Culture 3, Modern day is full of braggadocious hip-hop bars that will have you vicariously living the life of a rap star. 

Transparent Soul – Willow Ft. Travis Barker 

Any collection of songs is worthless without a good helping of variety. Picture driving down an open road in a car full of your best mates with the sun shining, while everyone belts out the lyrics to this pop-punk track. Definitely, a certain vibe can only be achieved with this genre of music.  

Peaches – Justin Bieber Ft. Daniel Caesar & Giveon 

No summer list could be considered complete with an entry from the hitmaker J Biebs. With the help of Daniel Caesar & Giveon, the trio delivers a soft-spoken track that’s as sweet as the fruit it’s named after. Something about Justin serenading about all the beauty that the globe has to offer pairs so perfectly with the sunshine of summer. Enjoy this one while you can, because it’s sure to become irritatingly catchy in no time.

Image Courtesy of Def Jam

Lost Cause – Billie Eilish 

While we anticipate the young pop idols album expected to release this summer, this latest single will have to do. Granted this one is a bit of a slow jam, but that doesn’t mean that Eilish’s gentle lyrics about looking back at a lousy relationship won’t have you feeling a certain way. 

Beautiful Mistakes – Maroon 5 Ft. Megan Thee Stallion 

Maroon 5 does what they do best and delivers a catchy pop track about a past lover with a rap verse from Megan Thee Stallion to finish it off. There’s nothing too complicated about this song and that’s what makes it the fun summer anthem that it is.

Image Courtesy of Interscope

Heat Waves – Glass Animals

With lyrics like “Heat waves in the middle of June,” it would be blasphemy not to include this one. There’s no other track on this list that has the same danceability as this one off of the UK band’s newest album Dreamland. Busting a move to this song on a sunlight patio is guaranteed to make all your worries disappear.