These top 5 summer trends of nail art are incredibly cute and will certainly make you stand out with some gorgeous-looking nails.

Jelly Nails

No better way to start your summer than with this nostalgic manicure trend. Enjoying time outdoors with jelly nails is fun, pretty and will make you glow above everyone around you. The way these nails look when the sun shines through them is stunning, it almost looks like stained glass. The great part is they last for more than two weeks, but we recommend having them professionally removed after 14 days. These fun nails have been trending all summer and it makes sense as they are perfect for the season.

Fruit Art on Nails

Another summer trend is the light and colourfulness of fruit nails perfectly match the themes of summer. Though you may be tempted to eat more, these nails are full of fun to do and look at as your marvel over their prettiness. Being acrylic nail art, they also last for over 2 weeks, but once again we recommend having them professionally removed after 14 days. Besides this way, you can start the process all over again with more fun foods and bright colours to look at.

source: Instagram via @banicured_

Tie-Dye Nails

Having these are your nails will catch the eye of anyone who walks by. Their bright colourful appeal makes them an attention-grabber for sure. Being a personal favourite, these nails also work great for summer as it’s time to bust out your summer apparel. Being as multi-coloured as they are, you can match these to any of your outfits and look all glamorous with them.

CD Inspired Nails

These nails are some of the more fun to play with. The way these nails reflect with the summer sun will keep you and potential onlookers entertained whenever they see these awesome nails. This cool 90s holographic CD-inspired nail is certainly eye-catching. The best part is that it’s easily achievable to get this awesome look. With these nails, you can easily make an artistic statement while looking cool and having fun!

Pearl Decorated Nails

Last on our list, pearl-decorated nails are perfect for big events where you wish to bring a little wow factor. Often used for weddings, this trending choice for bridal manicures will certainly make you stand out in normal settings to the big day. An excellent choice for this summer as covid as limited our chances of getting noticed – change that streak with these awesome pearls.