The famous footwear and accessories brand ALDO is known for its classic style, but also isn’t afraid to push boundaries to create designs that showcase funky concepts and patterns throughout the year.


The global brand is partnering up with Montreal-based artist Delphine Dussoubs a.k.a Dalkhafin, featuring a holiday campaign that includes bold colours and graphics that reflect the artist’s work, while remaining true to Aldo’s signature silhouettes.

Customers get the chance to explore this collection that is inspired by the true meaning of holiday spirit, encouraging joy and unity in the world of accessories across 100 countries.

The Senior Vice President’s goal with the brand is to connect communities through art, rather than take on a traditional campaign approach. ALDO x Dalkhafine’s art collaboration delivers a fun take on the advent calendar and will be available for 12 weeks. It’s up online through the website, mobile app, and social media as customers get ready to search for fashionable holiday gift ideas.



About the Designer: 

A native of Paris, artist Delphine Dussoubs a.k.a Dalkhafine moved to Canada just a few years ago and settled in Montreal’s Mile End. Impressed by the city’s art, culture, and diversity, Dalkhafine brought her own background in illustration and 2D animation to the scene. She has successfully established a career, working with clients like celebrities Pharrell Williams and Major Lazer. Her colourful pallets inspired by nature match perfectly with Aldo’s bubbly brand. Dalkhafine commented that she is excited for people to experience small surprise boxes that are similar to the chocolate calendars children open each day before Christmas. She is excited for fans of her work and of the ALDO brand to discover the campaign’s message combined with visual punches of colour and images.

For further information about the artist and how the brand is bringing the ALDO x DALKHAFINE campaign to the forefront of the holiday season, visit or Discover the behind the scenes process, access to the imagery, and the overall journey behind the collaboration. Are you ready to shop and accessorize this holiday season?