Stylish and casual outfits are a welcome change for many women who are expected to dress to the nines as professionals. Casual attire is all about being comfortable and relaxed with basic clothing such as shirts, jeans, sweaters and loose pants, but this dress code can still offer a cute and fashionable look.

To inspire your shopping, we’ve compiled a guide with examples of the best casual outfits for women who still want to look good. Read on to discover the simplest ways to pull off this dress code with style.

Casual Dress Code

A casual dress code consists of jeans, t-shirts, dresses, sneakers, hoodies, roomy trousers, cardigans and other comfortable clothing items. When dressing casually, there’s a slight code, but not much of one: dress in a way that feels good.

Casual clothing is laid-back, relaxed, and easy to curate – unlike a high-fashion runway-ready outfit, you can throw on your mix-and-match pieces and easily head out the door. There aren’t any rules.

Casual Outfits


There’s nothing wrong with a good t-shirt. The ultimate comfortable outfit typically involves a well-loved staple tee, without being sloppy. Every woman should have a collection of t-shirts that can easily mix and match with a pair of jeans, black pants, or shorts.

Neutral colors are always a great choice, like the standard white, black, or grey short sleeve. If you want to sprinkle some fun in the mix, vintage-style band tees are trending, along with tie-die and loose, boyfriend-fit t-shirts.

Whether you’re heading to the grocery store or a night out with the girls, an understated tee goes a long way in creating a stylish vibe. If you’re going out and want an effortlessly chic look that doesn’t look thirsty, you can find casually cute date night outfits here.

Tops and Hoodies

Beyond being insanely comfortable, hoodies work well as tops and are popular in casual fashion. Right now, many retailers have jumped on the tie-dye trend, which makes for a fun rendition. Classic colors like black, white, and grey go with nearly any outfit, pastels are a more feminine option, and graphic sweatshirts are making a comeback as well.

There are a few different ways to wear them. The thick sweatshirt material pairs well with jeans (in the colder months), shorts (in spring and during summer nights), leggings (especially when running quick errands or heading to the gym), and as a layer under fashionable jeans or military-style jackets. If the hoodie is long enough, you can even wear it as a pseudo-dress, with sneakers or slides.


Denim jeans are the cornerstone of every casual wardrobe. While yes, there’s the classic favorite worn-jeans and old t-shirt look, there are many variations where denim can be dressed up, especially when paired with a nicer top.

There are so many different types of jeans, which makes it easy to mix and match depending on your mood, activity, and what’s trendy. The essentials include a pair of skinny jeans, mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, black jeans, jean shorts, and straight-legged jeans.

White jeans are often considered a closet must-have just because they’re a classy and crisp update for times you want to look a little more formal. Other types of denim that are super on-trend these days are bell-bottom jeans – throwing it back with vintage 1970s vibes – and the backside-hugging high-waisted jeans.

Application-wise, jeans should be worn however you want. There is no right or wrong way to wear them – you can go for a super cute look with a crop top, or go for a clean-cut tucked-in tank top with a high-waisted pair of skinnies. Booties or sandals are ultra-flattering with ankle cut-offs, and sneakers or boots work well with full-length flair options.


If you’re also not into denim – sometimes, the material feels restrictive – the comfortable-yet-stylish alternative is the jegging, or “jean leggings.” When they came to the scene in the mid-2000s, women were skeptical.

Now, they can be found everywhere, with all kinds of styles and materials to fit nearly every aesthetic. You just can’t go wrong with a stretchy waistband, which makes them a popular choice.


While always feminine, skirts don’t have to be formal. For a more casual take, women can pair all different kinds of skirts – including maxi, midi, and minis – with a simple top. A white tank top or bodysuit looks amazing with a fitted denim skirt, while a knotted vintage band tee pairs well with a billowing skirt on the bottom.

Wardrobe skirt essentials also include a range of fabrics and fits. Jean, suede, fit-and-flair, bodycon, and a flowy number are all good to have in your closet. When it comes to shoes, anything works; you can’t go wrong with sandals, bold booties, or even sneakers for the ultimate statement in casual fashion.


For women who’d prefer to ditch their pants, dresses are perfect; though they’ve got a formal reputation, dresses can be worn casually and comfortably.

Play around with color, fit, and lengths, from a floral springtime midi to a strappy summertime maxi to a sleek and chic asymmetrical sheath. Some women even like to feature highlights on darker hair for a pop of color that can imitate a sun-kissed style and will complement a beautiful, flowing summer dress.

This bonus is dresses are all-season; even in chillier months, ladies can pull off a dress with a cardigan or a pair of tights underneath.

Jackets and Coats

An easy way to elevate a casual outfit is to grab a jacket or coat. The top wardrobe must-haves include a denim jacket, duster coat, monochrome number, and a light military-style layer. These are both functional and fashionable: you’ll warm yourself up on chilly days while also looking stylish. One of the best ways to wear a jacket is by keeping the other layered clothing simple and understated so that the jacket is the statement piece that stands out and shines.


Made with love and comfort in mind, knitwear is a cozy and fashionable addition to any casual outfit. Women gravitate toward sweaters and knit material, especially during the colder months, because they’re packed with warmth and personality. Chunky, oversized sweaters are always on-trend, especially when worn with form-flattering jeans or leggings. Boots of all kinds are an easy footwear choice and can dress up any knitwear if need be.


One of the greatest deceptions of women’s fashion is that ladies have to choose between comfort and style. That just isn’t correct – rather, a casual outfit is complemented nicely by shoes that can look great without causing blisters.

There is several options for casual footwear, but a recommended approach is to build a collection starting by season, then activity. For example, think about summer, then running errands. A sandal that’s breathable and comfortable works best; something that you can easily slip on and off. For other seasons, consider your local weather. If you live in a place where it gets snowy, you might not be able to wear your Toms year-round.

The cornerstone footwear for casual outfits includes sneakers, sandals, and boots. Flats are a pretty broad category and can include anything from trendy mules to throwback loafers to super simple canvas slip-on shoes. Boots can be functional in the winter as thigh-high options (adding some built-in elegance to your casual look) or a cute ankle bootie in the fall. Trends come and go, but following these shoe guidelines will build a closet of buildable outfits.

When To Wear Casual Attire

Casual Daytime

One of the best times to keep things casual is during the day. As you head to work (if your office allows it), run to the grocery store, or go out to lunch, a chic but comfortable look will serve you well. Have your outfit match your activity; if you’ll be doing lots of movement, maybe opt for those flowy, wide-leg pants. Going shopping? A cute and simple tee with black jeans and a jean jacket will look amazing without going overboard. Don’t forget, accessories like bohemian hats or trendy belts are also key additives.

Casual Evening Events

There’s nothing uncool or shabby about a casual evening outfit since they can look timeless and chic without any extra bells and whistles. Keep things simple for your night out, whether it’s to a bowling alley, a bar with friends, or a movie date. Flattering jeans are a go-to, paired with a statement top or a few stylish layers (think back to that denim jacket). A cute option is a midi skirt with a casual tee or a chunky sweater with some black leggings. Top each outfit off with jewelry pieces to maximize your put-togetherness.

Casual Date Night

When you and your partner are treating yourselves to a date night, nothing is better than flirting over drinks and feeling comfy, sexy, and casual while you do it. You want to be confident, so rock your favorite assembly – that V-neck tee, faux leather leggings, booties, oversized earrings, and boho hat would do the trick if you’re feeling it that night. You’ll woo your significant other and look beautiful doing it.

How To Wear Casual Outfits

  • Have your favorite staples on hand. Tees, tanks, cardigans, jeans, shorts, and shoes. Mix and match.
  • Layers are your friend, especially in the cooler months.
  • You can add depth to any outfit by adding accessories and statement items, like a gorgeous pair of shoes.
  • Textures add a little something extra. Consider a ribbed tee, for example.
  • Stay confident! Comfort is morale-boosting, so let it show no matter what you’re wearing and you’ll pull off any outfit.

Published by HOLR Magazine.