It’s almost been a year since we all started adjusting to masks, not going out as often as before, online classes, and most importantly work from home. If during this past year you’ve started working from the comfort of your house, it is likely that you might have invested in a new desk, computer, a comfortable chair, or decor for your selected workspace. After a few months of all of this, it might also be time to invest in a new work from home closet. If you’re looking for new tops to wear to online meetings or just to feel comfortable and classy in your home office, you might want to check these 7 tops from Mango that are perfect for working at home!

Multi-colored Knit Sweater

Price: US$ 59.99

This colorful knit sweater is ideal to wear while it is still cold! It has a very modest look that can be paired with a comfortable pair of jeans or leggings for a day at home. 

V-neck Knitted Vest

Price: US$ 49.99 

Vests have been very popular pieces lately thanks to their versatility. You can wear them on their own as shirts, with a tee-shirt underneath, and pair them with skirts or jeans. This soft knitted grey one can give you a classy or relaxed look depending on what your schedule for the day is. This piece is also perfect if you are trying to avoid going out since it is an Online Exclusive!

Knit Contrast Trim Polo Shirt

Price: US$ 39.99

This stylish and simple top can make you look like you mean business at any meeting. The lettuce hem in the sleeves and collar also adds a unique touch that you might want to include in your closet.

Textured Cotton Blouse

Price: US$ 59.99

With puffed sleeves and a loose fit, this blouse can give you an elegant but comfortable look to be at home. The embroidered design also adds a nice, graceful touch to it. 

Printed Flowy Shirt

Price: US$ 39.99

Flowers are always a good idea! This printed button-down can add a nice touch of color to your day with its beautiful flower designs.

Crop Sweatshirt

Price: US$ 59.99

If you are looking for more simple and laid-back options this sweatshirt is perfect. It is part of Mango’s Online Exclusive Activewear collection and you can find it 3 other colors. 

Fine-knit Sweater

Price: US$ 59.99

Another Online Exclusive, this sweater is a nice option for a simple day and it can be matched with various options of pants depending on what kind of look you’re going for, including its matching sweatpants pictured above.