With Christmas just 21 days away, it’s that time of year where our Holiday shopping game goes into overdrive. We know how frantic this time of year can be so we wanted to take the guess work out of it for you.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite procuts to help anyone kickstart their health-focused New Year’s Resolutions. After all, what’s more meaningful than giving a gift that will helping someone get healthier? Gone are the days of giving gifts that just get tossed after the holidays. Today, we’re all about giving gifts that enhance an individual’s quality of life and have longevity.

The Five Minute Journal

Sometimes all it takes to improve your wellbeing and outlook on life, is a refreshed perspective. The Five Minute Journal helps to do just through short, structured written exercises that will help you to develop gratitude. Based on positive psyhcology research, the exercises hone your focus in on the good in your life, which ultimately makes you more mindful. Thousands of past and current users of the Journal experienced an increase in happiness, improved relationships and a happier outlook on life. Give the gift of gratititude this holiday season and help your loved ones live with more intent in 2020 with the Five Minute Journal.


Endy Mattress

One of the single most important things we can do for our health is to have a good night’s sleep — and that’s nearly impossible to accomplish without the right mattress. Endy has mastered the art of a great night’s sleep with their finely crafted 10″, 3-layer foam mattress. I’ve recently started sleeping on an Endy after changing mattresses 3 times in the past 5 years and I have to say my back’s never felt better. The Endy matress is firm but with a touch of softness that perfectly contours and supports my body (more hard to come by than you’d think when you’re a side sleeper like myself). The Endy mattress also absorbs any movement that might be coming from your partner and it’s temperature neutral so you’re guaranteed a cool and comfortable sleep at all times. So if you want to give someone a gift that not only lasts them for years but will significantly improve their overall health, then look no further than an Endy Mattress (I think it’s ‘the one’). Trust us, it will be a gift that they won’t be quick to forget about. The Endy Mattress comes in 6 different sizes starting at $675. Check it out here. If the mattress is a little out of your price range, the Endy pillow is also a great choice. It is actually the most comfortable pillow I’ve ever laid my head on. So much so, that I had it for a whole 3 days before my boyfriend stole it from me and refused to give it back. I have since bought another one and you can also get your hands on one here.


When it comes to being more motivated, I’m very data and results driven so this seemed like a no brainer to add to my meditation routine. Muse is a device that you place on your head while meditating that records your brain activity to show you how you did during your meditation. It also helps you to be more mindful of your mental state while meditating as the sounds playing reflect your internal thoughts. If you’re calm, you’ll hear peaceful weather. If you’re angry, you’ll hear stormy weather. You simply connect your device to the app created for it and all your data will be recorded after each meditation for you to track and reference to see how you improve. I don’t know about you, but I often struggle with staying focused for too long so this is a great help. Plus it’s a pretty cool tech gift to give that retails for $159.99. Check it out here.


Leading a healthy lifestyle can sometimes feel challenging when you’re constantly on the go. But the Blendjet makes being healthier so much more accommodating. The Blendjet is a portable yet powerful blender that you can take anywhere with you and drink straight from it when you’re done blending. Simply pop in your desired ingredients, blend with the touch of a button and then drink. The Blendjet stays charged for up to 10-12 cups and when you need a recharge you simply plug the USB port in for 1-3 hours. I love taking my Blendjet to work with me in my purse (yes, it’s that convenient) or putting it in my gym bag. With a current price point of $54.95 you really can’t go wrong. Check it out here.

Apple Watch

If you want to give your loved one a gift that will improve their life on a multitude of fronts, then this is a gift worth spending on. The Apple Watch is the perfect addition to anyone’s life, no matter their goals, because it’s that convenient and appealing. Outside of being able to send and receive texts and calls right on your wrist, there are so many other apps that you can download. But for the sake of this piece, let’s focus on the health aspects. The Apple Watch can track your steps, check your heart rate, alert you if it’s too loud and you’re doing damage to your hearing, alert you if you have abnormal heart rhythm, track your menstrual cycle, monitor your sleep patterns and detect if you fall and call for help, to name a few.

Someone actually told me a story last week that their dad was saved by the Apple Watch when it detected an abnormally low heart rate, which prompted him to go to the doctors where they discovered a condition that needed immediate surgery. It’s pretty crazy how far technology has come and now you can access some pretty impressive functions right on your wrist. Apple has an array of colours, styles and sizes to choose from and you can check them out here.

Verilux Happylight

Winter in Canada really has a way of impacting individuals in a negative way and a lot of it comes down to the lack of sunshine. While getting a little bit of natural sunshine would be ideal, we often have no choice, but that’s where the Verilux Happylight comes in. The HappyLight® therapy lamps are 10,000 lux and full-spectrum thereby mimicking the sunlight. The benefits of the lamps have been proven to enhance ones mood and energy, while improving sleep and focus. Whenever I’m feeling a little down or even jet lagged, I just sit with the light for an hour and start feeling better. The Happylight also has a number of price options dependent on the product and starting as low as $34.99. Check out all of the options here.

PÜR Silk Pillowcase and Eye Masks

Sleeping on silk can have an array of benefits from reducing the chance of wrinkles to healthier hair, which makes it the perfect gift to give to friends and family. PÜR’s Silk Pillowcase or Silk Pillowcase and Eye Mask Set are an easy way to give the gift of better skin and hair and can be purchased quickly online. I personally prefer to give gifts that I know people will have a use for and will last them a long time so this is also a more sustainable option. (Price: $69 – pillowcase / $98.99 – gift set)

For a full list of benefits of sleeping on silk check out this article.

L’Occitane Candles

Scent is a very powerful thing from evoking memories to impacting your mood, the right scent can really change your day and transform a space. I recently started burning L’Occitane candles at home and the scents are luxurious, inviting and incredibly delicious. Even after I put the candles out, a subtle hint of the scent lingers in my living room and I just can’t get enough of it. You can never go wrong with giving someone candles as a gift because who doesn’t like a nice smelling home and a calm ambience? L’Occitane has a number of scents to choose from and with a starting price point of $34.00. Check out their selection here.


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