Happy New Year! 2022 is finally here with goals and dreams that you look forward to accomplish…

The new year always brings the motivation to set goals, dream bigger, and just have a fresh and new beginning. Setting up new year’s resolutions is always easy and exciting; the hard part comes when you have to actually work to achieve them. It is not always fun, and it can get a little tedious as time goes by.

The problem with achieving new year’s resolutions is that you never know when to begin and how to do it. It all comes down to having the right mindset and items and gadgets that will help you stay motivated and accomplish every goal and dream that you can think of for 2022.

First and foremost, you need a planner. Planners are the best way to stay organized and keep track of everything (sometimes you just can’t trust your brain to remember everything). Whether you have a physical planner or a digital one, they will for sure make your life so much easier and make your goals look more attainable.

A great option is the Papier Le Classique 2022 Planner, beyond offering plenty of room to plan out all your activities, the planner also has designated space to outline goals, to-dos, important dates and wish lists at the start of each month. If you’re more tech-inclined, Notion is a great app to keep track of everything and have it set up across all your devices; find gorgeous templates on design your own that suit all your needs.

New year's resolutions

Tech Must-Haves

Apps can take the process and make it fun and interesting instead of tedious and stressful. Habitica makes it easy to build habits and stay productive by taking an approach that rarely fails, turning everything into a game. It offers rewards to keep you incentivized, and it also comes with its own social network platform. With the app, you track and monitor your habits, use the to-do list, and join other users to play exciting games.

new year’s resolutions

A smartwatch is not a necessity to achieve your new year’s resolutions, but it definitely helps. In today’s day, technology is everywhere, and it is a huge part of our lives, so might as well use it to our advantage. With a smartwatch, you can keep track of your fitness goals, productivity, etc., and have it ‘always on hand’. There are different types out there so find one that will suit you best and that will pair easily with the rest of your devices.

new year’s resolutions

Have a happy new year, dream big, set goals, and get out there and work hard to accomplish everything you set your mind to.



Published by HOLR Magazine.