It’s no doubt healthy and fit body keeps you going around the clock. However, people are getting so busy in their daily routines, that they often neglect a healthy lifestyle which leads to many health issues.

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Additionally, diabetes is a common problem these days. Nine out of ten people suffer from it — and it’s usually due to being overweight, as well as genetic factors. 

Whether you knew it or not, Diabetes can greatly affect foot health. Glut sugar can damage the walls of capillaries that nurture the nerves, mainly in legs. Furthermore, it can lead to inadequate blood flow to the foot and causes many foot issues. Treatment at the right time is a must, as diabetes can put you on high risk of blisters, corns, ulcers, etc. which heal poorly, and can root infection.

But due to significant advancement in manufacturing, you can get several products like wide shoes for women (especially for diabetes patients) which helps you reduce adverse effects. Here, we have eight tips for healthy feet! 


Routine Foot Cleaning and Inspection. 

It’s for both diabetic and non-diabetic to wash your feet daily. Maintain the hygiene of your feet. Apply oil or moisturizer after cleansing the feet, to keep skin healthy and smooth. Check all parts of your feet carefully whether the foot is wound or crack free or not.


Schedule a podiatrist visit. 

If you find any symptom, schedule an appointment with a podiatrist. Take proper treatment and medication as prescribed by him.


Replace your regular footwear with trendy diabetic shoes. 

You need to be extra careful when you shop for diabetic shoes. As suggested look for shoes with roomy toe box, broadfootbed and deep interior, seamless interior, low heel and proper upper and lower coverage. Diabetic shoes may sound boring but, nowadays they are available in many shades and styles. Many brands focus on making the wide shoe for women and men, keep them comfortable for long.


Don’t ever walk barefoot. 

Try not to walk barefoot both inside and outside the house. Wearing proper footwear inside the house too save your feet from damages. Though it may seem awkward to others, remember it’s for your betterment.  


Never use hot water for foot cleaning. 

Using hot water for bathing or cleaning feet can cause severe damage (blisters) to the feet.


Try to control the blood sugar level. 

Soon you control your blood sugar level, the improved your feet, will be over the long term.


Don’t share footgear. 

If you share the foot gears like shoes and socks with others, you can easily be targeted, by a fungal infection.


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