If you are looking for some new artists to add to their Spotify playlist, then you’ve come to the right place. From indie to rock, all the way to electronica, we’ve compiled a list of nine bands to help you through the cramming. 

Music can be just the right medicine for any occasion, but we were careful to choose mellow and not potentially distracting bands. Music can serve as your background for studying or as an inspiration to boost creativity. 

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Moving on, here’s the list of bands.


Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/W8BRzoUTHNA 

53 Thieves (Dance/Electronic)

53 Thieves music, to our ears, is like chilling way up on a cloud. It has a very soothing, cloudy, and dreamy vibe to it. Students can definitely jam out to some of their albums while studying. Their music fits in the background pretty easily. And when you need break times between study sessions, whether it’s 5 or 10 minutes, listening to one of their tunes will definitely help you get rid of any stress.


Here are some album recommendations:


  • After Hours: for maximum chill;
  • Missed Calls: jazz vibes for the study session.

alt-J (Alternative/Indie) 

We’re sure you’ve heard an alt-J tune somewhere, even if you didn’t recognize the band. Perhaps, you heard it in one of your favorite coming of age or thriller movies or noticed the tune in the Netflix series. Alt-J is a popular indie rock band that composes and releases very dramatic tunes or mellow and melancholic ones. It’s definitely worth checking out for study sessions. 

Gorillaz (Alternative/Reggae/Rock/Dance) 

Remember the four monkey-esque animated characters that sang the coolest tunes on MTV when you were young? If your answer is yes, then you’ve heard of and seen the Gorillaz. The Gorillaz has many jams that are study-session optimized. Check them out.

The Internet (R&B/Soul)

It is one of the funkiest, coolest, and most chill bands you could probably ever listen to. The Internet has a plethora of songs that will just ease in the background and make a study session ten times better than it usually is. Syd, on the main vocals, is a good friend of the famous rapper – Tyler, The Creator. Expect some good music from them.


Young Fathers (Lofi/Indie/Noise Pop)

For those who haven’t gotten their fill of UK music, here’s another great band to listen to in the comfort of your room. Young Fathers is a band from Scotland that makes critically acclaimed music. They’re as indie as you can get. Their music is a blend of spunky but chill at the same time, and it’s interesting to listen to.

The Districts (Rock)

Students wouldn’t be real hipsters without knowing The Districts and jamming to them in between cramming sessions. We’re joking. But not about how good this band is. They’re from the US, and they churn out rock tunes ranging from sweet melancholy to hip indie. Get yourself a cup of coffee, turn on that laptop, and play them in the background on a rainy day. It’s pure bliss.

Peach Pit (Indie Pop)

It’s been a long season through studying for exams on a regular basis and probably missing sleep from all the party nights. Peach Pit’s music will put any student in the mood to relax, stay home, and maybe cram a book or two.


They make indie-pop like no other, and their music sounds like melting butter. It’s dreamy, chill, and sweet. Our favorite song is “Peach Pit,” as it has a sweet and memorable tune. It can make a study session less painful. 

Tame Impala (Alternative/Indie) 

This iconic and genius Australian band was established by Kevin Parker, an extremely talented musician who can basically do everything. We’re serious: he writes, sings, and performs. He basically can run the whole band on his own. Yet, that doesn’t mean he goes on tour alone. He gets help from Dominic Simper, Jay Watson, Barbagallo, and Cam Avery. These Aussies will make your ears feel like they’re surfing on sounds.


However, we do think some of their albums are a bit more appropriate for cram-sessions than others. Their new album called The Slow Rush is probably easier on the ears than some of their psychedelic and older albums. The Slow Rush has chill and funky tunes that can be played on repeat, and it won’t disturb you or your neighbor. 

Mac DeMarco (Slacker Rock)

Technically not a band but an honorable mention, Mac makes soft and peaceful music that could put you to sleep or help you calm down if they’re angry. For those who are looking for a tune to play now, try “My Kind of Woman.” It sways as smoothly as the wind. Want to play music that won’t disturb your studying? Mac is here for you. Also, his overall aesthetic and vibe are very vintage and retro, so if you adore this style, you just might love this artist.

Final Thoughts 

When it comes to studying, music can often help students keep focused for a longer time and avoid becoming stressed out. We understand the need to have a soothing and chill sound in the background, and we hope you find your next favorite band(s) on our list. 


Yet, we can’t deny that sometimes the best thing to do is tune in to the music of your own thoughts and nothing else. While music can help during work, some of it can easily be too distracting. We recommend playing music in-between study sessions as an alternative unless a student really needs something to keep them awake.


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