We all want to look classy and expensive without spending a fortune, Fashion is a unique voice that communicates to the world who we are and who we want to be as the saying goes “Dress for the job you want”. Looking sophisticated is an entire mood and vibe, with the right confidence give you a more comfortable sophisticated look. 

It takes a mere seven seconds to make a first impression on people. it is impossible to express yourself in that time frame, so why not use your sense of fashion to communicate your personality and leave a good impression.

With the following tips, you can look more elegant, chic, powerful and put together without having a billion dollars.

Maintaining A Modern Wardrobe is the Way Forward:

Keep your wardrobe up to date with occasional trends that are simple and classic, be money conscious and specific on how you dress and what outfits you buy rather than just adding more clothes to your closet.

Make Use of Resale Sites:

Efficiently use resale sites such as eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Depop and so on with specification in your searches. For example, if you see an outfit you love on your favourite online store, go check it out on these resales sites to get a better deal.

Invest in Essential Items of Clothing:

Rather than spending on a particular outfit, invest in essential clothing you need daily such as black pants, tops and T-shirts.

Sell the Items of Clothing You Never Wear: 

Create time to organize your wardrobe to sort out clothes you do not need and prepare to sell them, you might have more money than you think sitting in the back of your wardrobe or rather try organizing a clothes exchange evening with your friends if you cannot handle the hassle of selling clothes online.

Be Creative with Your Wardrobe:

Try to avoid repeating an outfit the same way the next time you want to wear it. Bring innovation to your wardrobe, wear a gown as a skirt if possible, dress as a top. Try it out, you might have the right outfit for your next occasion.

Lastly, they are a lot of influencers on Instagram who dresses nicely and chic, not necessarily in designers. Find influencers with a similar budget and taste as yours, this can serve as means of inspiration.

Published on HOLR Magazine.