It’s officially February, and we all know what that means! Valentines Day; the famed “month of love”! But with the current lockdown restrictions, many of us will be unable to celebrate, or at least not in as extravagant a manner as we typically do, and that is disappointing to say that least. But fear not, here at HOLR we have got exactly what you need!

Nine romance movies, one per day for our fabulous, fairy-tale countdown to Valentines Day, each film that much more charming than its predecessor. So without further ado, let’s get started with this ultra-romantic movie list!

How to lose a guy in ten days.

What better way to begin our count down to Valentine’s Day than this incredibly unique, not to mention hilarious, movie about how a “relationship” works when one person is betting on its failure, and the other on its success!

Eat Pray Love.

Ah Yes! An absolute crowd-pleaser! The story of a woman in the middle of a dark and difficult time in her life, who travels the world, eventually finding true love and happiness. (P.S.- you may want to order some Italian food to enjoy while you watch this wonderful film, you’ll certainly need it.)


Set in the 90s, Flipped is a wonderfully charming romance film about a young girl and boy who grew up in neighbouring houses and, despite each having had feelings for one another at one time or another, never truly knew each other.

To all the boys I’ve loved before.

Let’s be honest, many of us have already seen this one- (and some of us have even re-watched it several times) but regardless, it is still definitely worth watching once again!

For those of you who have yet to see this film, however, it is a lovely movie about a girl who adores books about love, yet has never experienced it for herself…until now.

The Holiday.

Two love stories in one!

When two single women in desperate need of a change of scenery decide to swap houses over the Christmas season, they find out that love truly does come at the most unexpected times, and in the most unexpected places.

The best of me.

In this whirlwind of adventure, romance and more one love story is told in two time periods. Frequently switching between the two allows for this couple’s past to elaborately explain their emotion-filled future.

Definitely, maybe.

When his daughter begins to ask questions about her mother, who he is divorcing, this man decides to tell her the stories of his most serious girlfriends without disclosing their real names. The stories are all from his past, but what will his future entail?

The proposal

With Valentine’s Day fast-approaching, this wonderful and hilarious film is sure to get you into the perfect romance mood! On the brink of being deported, and in a desperate attempt to keep her job in America, this woman forces her executive assistant to illegitimately marry her. When they travel to his family’s place for the weekend, things change significantly.

The Notebook

Valentine’s Day is finally here! And to celebrate, I gift you with this absolute classic. How could we list anything else as our last romance film of the countdown?

This amazing film is about the perfect summer love between a couple that, with summer, comes to its inevitable end- only to be sparked once again when one of them is engaged to someone else!

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