Throughout history, jewelry served numerous functions, from symbolizing social status to offering talismanic protection and storing wealth. While some of these purposes prevail to date, nowadays, jewelry is regarded as a fashion statement for women. Women of all walks of life use jewelry like earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets to showcase their personality and style and complement their outfits for a beautiful and elegant feel and look. As the jewelry world continues to thrive, below are six trends disrupting the industry.

Personalized Pieces

The jewelry industry has finally acknowledged that jewelry tells a person’s story apart from leaving an impression. This has led to the birth of personalized jewelry pieces that convey a person’s personality and style. In 2022 and beyond, don’t be afraid to rock any personalized pieces in your collection, including custom-made diamond jewelry.

Sustainable Jewelry

With the world moving to sustainable products and processes, the jewelry sector has not been left behind. Jewelers and jewelry lovers are shifting to sustainable jewelry production and purchase. They are considering how jewelry is made as well as the welfare of communities mining precious materials. Consumers are increasingly choosing vintage jewelry over new and recycling unworn pieces.  


The use of neckpieces as fashion statements has increased significantly over the years, and the choker is no different. In 2022, chokers’ prominence increased by 25.6% than last year, with luxury brands like Dior and Chanel featuring them in their fine jewelry collection. Since chokers are available in many designs and materials, they complement most outfits for an elegant look. 

Bold Colors

This trend shows that jewelry is taking center stage in fashion. Unlike in the past when jewelry was subtle, it is bold and conspicuous today. Gone are the days of slimline pieces, and women can release their inner dragons with eye-catching jewelry. Colorful jewelry adds a touch of class to the simplest outfit, giving a striking impression to onlookers. 

Pearl Jewelry

Forget about the silver and gold jewelry of the past. Pearl jewelry is the norm, from dazzling earrings to beautiful neckpieces and stylish rings. Women love pearls for several reasons. First, they have astrological benefits such as evoking mental peace and calmness and bringing good fortune. Second, pearls have a peculiar appearance, setting them apart from other gems. Designers like Givenchy and Valentino use pearls in their statement chains and chokers.

Personality-Based Jewelry

Women are gradually using jewelry to make a statement about who they are. The main jewelry personality types include the following.

  • Trendsetters: They love bold and unique pieces, especially antique ones, and perceive jewelry as art.
  • Traditional: Women in this personality group prefer simple pieces for a classic and elegant look.
  • Fun-loving: Often wears large, attention-grabbing pieces like big hoop earrings and expensive rings.  
  • Professional: They love color-coordinated jewelry sets, such as gold necklaces with matching earrings.
  • Down-to-earth: They love nature and have a sweet spot for jewelry made from unique materials like sea glass, sea shells, and driftwood.
  • Fancy: People in this group have a unique appreciation of the fine things in life and opt for branded jewelry from exquisite manufacturers.
  • Minimalist: They keep things simple with jewelry and love a little sparkle and a touch of mixed metals.

Beautiful jewelry makes a statement and leaves an impression everywhere you go. Whether you are a working woman, a stay-at-home mom, or a fashionista, rock your trendy accessories and get ready to conquer the world.

Published by HOLR Magazine.