Years before sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram were household names, back in 2006 Justin Saunders created a blog called MAYBE SOMEDAY which he described as a “creative diary”. Eventually, all text was removed from the page leaving a selectively curated collection of aesthetically pleasing images. This blog still exists and can be found on the homepage of JJJJound: a design studio located in Montreal, QC created and run by Justin Saunders. Justin grew up in Germany camping in a van with his family for the first half of his childhood, then after discovering the internet, he instantly became hooked. After removing all the text from his blog, emails trying to find out who was behind this stroke of genius began pouring into his inbox, one of them being from T magazine asking if he would contribute to their publication. He accepted and went on to gain an appreciation for menswear.

 Combining his eye for aesthetics with carefully crafted uniformity Justin went on to create his design studio JJJJound’s. Able to cover all the bases, the design studio offers a range of sleek apparel, everyday household items, even their own brand of Montreal roasted coffee. As far as clothing goes, JJJJound focuses primarily on menswear essentials such as hoodies, crewnecks, and button-ups with minimal branding allowing the garments to speak for themselves. In the past, JJJJound has collaborated with notable brands such as footwear giant reebok, and French clothing brand A.P.C; their sneakers being particularly desirable reaching four-figure numbers from resellers. Through everything that Justin Saunders releases he demonstrates a mission statement of quality over quantity. He prefers to have products made a year before being released, and his drops are infrequent. Although clothing is the attention grabber for the brand, there seems to be no limit to the studio’s creativity releasing everything from Nalgene water bottles to a full-blown street bike in collaboration with Bassi.

JJJJound is a breath of fresh air in the clustered fast-paced fashion industry. With authenticity and a dash of sophistication at the forefront of every release, leaving any flash or gimmicks out of the equation. All this coming from a man who has worked alongside Virgil Abloh, advised Kanye west, and many other notable accomplishments which Saunders prefers to keep secret. What translates through everything that JJJJound releases is a love for creativity from a self-taught entrepreneur raised on the internet. Keep an eye on the Montreal Design studio because it’s only going to get bigger and bigger.