As the season slowly but surely transitions into summer, we all quickly start to think about the first celebration of the season; Father’s Day. While for some, it may be relatively simple, I can say with full confidence that I am never sure what to get my father. With moms, it’s relatively simple to show your affection, whether it’s with flowers or a spa day kit; with fathers, however, they tend not to be so easily impressed. This year I was faced with the same problem I have every year around this time until I came across Lacoste’s specially curated collection for Father’s Day. No brand does dad apparel like Lacoste, the two go hand in hand, after all, Lacoste did revolutionize the polo, a classic staple for dads.

Whether you are Father’s Day shopping for someone who practices physical activity regularly or is typically more into relaxing, a polo shirt is a diverse gift that is undoubtedly going to come in handy for any dad. 1933 marks the year René Lacoste created the iconic polo shirt that shook both the fashion and sports world, which has led to many brands attempting to replicate this classic style. Not only does it make one look crisp and clean in a polo shirt, but it’s perfect to wear for both formal and informal occasions, so why not get it from the makers who invented this fantastic piece of clothing. Lacoste developed this classic shirt intending to provide an article of clothing that has multiple uses, allowing its wearer to look trim while still being comfortable, making it the perfect gift for Father’s Day that can never go wrong.  

If you are looking for a gift that embodies the warmth and love you hope to share with your dad or significant other, then a classic fleece sweatshirt is the perfect item to celebrate this Father’s Day. It is said without a doubt that Lacoste is a brand name that is interchangeable with quality, making their sweaters incomparable with the many who try to duplicate their classic apparel. Lacoste’s Father’s Day collection introduces the Colorblock Sweater, a piece that combines the traditional Piqué fleece material originated by Lacoste, with the modernity of today’s style trends. 

For those who are looking to upgrade their dad’s shoes, while still keeping to that classic dad aesthetic, then you will want to take a look at Lacoste’s sneakers. For Father’s Day, Lacoste offers a wide variety of sneakers, making it easy for you to find the perfect sneaker that fits your dad’s lifestyle. Only using the highest quality of materials, Lacoste combines their signature tennis-inspired style with a modern twist, amounting to the ultimate sneaker making for a practical and thoughtful gift. 

During these times, not all of us are lucky enough to be able to spend time with our parents, but being able to convey appreciation through a special gift allows you to be that much closer to your loved ones at this time. As René Lacoste said, ‘innovation means daring to take risks,’ which is precisely what Lacoste has done with their Father’s Day collection, perfect for any dad, and any occasion. The wide range of selection Lacoste offers for their Father’s Day collection makes it uncomplicated to find a gift that is sure to suit your dad’s or significant other’s lifestyle.