You already know that chill dads are the coolest dad, especially ones who like to hang out and have fun. Gifts like these are both fun for just dad or the whole family, but mostly just dad. 

Cann Shop Movie Night Gift Box $50

Cann Shop

Spend some time with Dad and plan a movie night!! Cann Shop has curated everything you need to create the perfect movie night with Dad. This Indica forward gift box is complete with Wana’s Blueberry Sour Soft Chews Indica, a San Rafael Pink Kush Pre-Roll and a White Tea + Lavender Candle. Pick up a Movie Night Gift Box, everything you need for a relaxing night in parked on the couch with Dad!

Creemore Home Bar $2000-$3,500


We all know that Dad’s deserve a great gift, but sometimes getting creative with gift-giving can be hard. So this year, Dads can take the gift-giving into their own hands with the gift that keeps on giving. The Creemore Home Bar makes it easier than ever for draught-lovers to elevate their at-home beer-drinking experience and treat themselves to a fresh pint of Creemore Springs Premium Lager, Lot 9 Pilsner and Boundless IPA. With three different packages available, and all the accessories needed to take the experience up a notch, you can’t go wrong with a gift like this!

Uncommon Good Desktop Golf $42

Uncommon Goods

If dad loves golf but can’t book a time, well no problem. This desktop golf gets dads own private golf course. With the ability to change the pitch of the green and make different holes dad can practice so when he gets on the real green he is ready to play. 

James Street Cooling Pint Glasses $29

James Street

Dad doesn’t need to worry about lukewarm beer anymore. With the cooling pint glass, dad can now have nice cold beer all the time. All you need to do it keep the glass in the freezer until your ready to use it and once you pour your pint, it stays cool for at least 2 hours. 

Uncommon Good Scotch Infused Toothpicks $48

Uncommon Goods

If dad loves the taste of scotch but may not have the opportunity to always drink it, these scotch infused toothpicks are perfect for him. Soaked in single malt scotch and kiln dried for the perfect aroma and flavour. Each glass vile comes with 12 picks, the perfect way to tickle your taste buds. 

Tribe Tokes CBD Vape Pen $75

Tribe Tokes

Is dad a lowkey vaper, and doesn’t want many people to know he’s a cool chill dad who likes to take the edge off. The tribe tokes key chain vape pen, conceals the look of the vape, to look like a flip car key. With flavours like mango haze, dad will feel likes he is on a tropical vacation.