Getting your nails done used to be such a luxurious experience, you would take the day, go by yourself or with your friends to the nail salon, be pampered and relaxed and get a good mani/ pedi. Times have changed, going to the nail salon is either quick and expensive or stressful and not done very well. 

The Nail and Champagne Bar is changing the dynamic, bringing back the old-school feel of pampering yourself all why following rules and guidelines of COVID-19 protocol.

MPSG Studios

The dynamic of getting your nails done has changed a lot, it went from a day of relaxing and spa treatments to trying to get them done as fast as possible for an in-and-out experience. What made you want to create a company that brings back the idea of a true spa day?

The monotony of the bi-weekly nail salon trip was something I stopped looking forward to and I knew many women felt the same. I wanted to focus on self-care and bring back the feeling of excitement on receiving your treatments whether it be a shared experience with a group or by yourself.

Nails and Champagne is a very clever idea and is probably something clients only imagined in movies. How have you captured clients to prefer the Nails and Champagne experience over walking into salons?

Incorporating champagne with a nail service simply elevates the overall experience. Taking time for yourself and having the spa experience without leaving home was really appealing to many when quick nail bar experiences were what we’ve all gotten used to.

The champagne service is an add-on group tasting curated by our sommelier. You can definitely book nail services without the champagne.

People really appreciate having the option of getting their nail treatments at home. It was very convenient, and it didn’t interfere with their day.

You provide a very luxurious experience for corporate clients hosting events, as well as bridal parties before a wedding. What makes The Nail and Champagne Bar the company these clients choose for their events?

Over the past 5 years, we have done pop us all over the city in various locations and for a variety of events. This has helped us understand how we can create nail bars and provide services flawlessly at any event, may it be for a group of 5 or 500. Our team easily adapts to clients’ requests, provides great customer service and are truly passionate about what we do which making people happy by taking good care of their hands and feet.

Nails and Champagne is the primary focus of your company, but you also have makeup artists, hairstylists and a yoga instructor on your staff. What made you want to expand your company as far as a yoga instructor, and how have clients responded to such amenities?

We added these services because our clients kept requesting them and we slowly expanded accordingly. However, as of reopening July 2 and being closed for a total of 11 months since March 2020 due to COVID-19, we’ve decided not to offer these services at this time. We’ll be focusing on what we truly specialize in, which has always been nails. That being said, that also doesn’t mean those services won’t be back in the future.

 We’ve been blessed that our clientele have always supported all our decisions whether it be adding services or temporarily removing them. Our mobile nail services are what our clients truly appreciate and that is definitely our focus.

It is clear that a day with The Nail and Champagne Bar is not just a quick in-and-out experience.  What is an average appointment like and can someone book just for themselves, or is there a ‘party’ structure in place?

We’re definitely known for events, but our services are not limited to group bookings. We do many one-on-one services, and an average appointment is a manicure and a pedicure. We’ve pampered individuals working from home (long before COVID-19) and those who simply prefer getting nail treatments in the comfort of their home.

As for group bookings, our certified nail technicians come to your space and pamper you and your group indoors or outdoors. You can get a manicure and/or pedicure with regular or gel polish. Nail art can be added at request. Our nail technicians will arrive with classic and seasonal polishes to choose from. If a champagne tasting is added, our sommelier will arrive with tasting glasses and a selection of perfectly chilled champagnes and/or sparkling wines specifically chosen for your group. The tasting is 45 minutes coinciding with your nail services.