Dating in today’s busy world may feel like a challenging task. Most people are so consumed with their working lives and their day-to-day tasks that they neglect their social life and struggle to meet new people. Finding love as a practicing Muslim may be even more challenging. Islam has certain restrictions and limitations when it comes to pre-matrimonial romantic relationships, and those who follow this religion need to abide by its guidelines. Many young adults seek halal relationships where both partners are practicing Muslims who follow their religion and certain boundaries that come along with it. If you are keen on trying dating the halal way, here is a simple guide explaining what it is and how it works. 

Love in Islam

Islam is a very peaceful religion that calls upon people to love one another. When it comes to romantic love as a Muslim, the religion does not forbid its followers from falling in love or feeling affectionate towards anyone. However, it does offer people some guidelines to follow so that they can make their relationships work in a modest manner. If you see someone that you like and think that there are some feelings that can potentially turn into something more serious, you can start dating them, even as a Muslim. The key is making your relationship public, especially to close family members who have a right to know if you are starting something serious with someone.  

Halal Networking

Dating in the Islamic community may seem like a challenge at first. A lot of Muslim singles find it hard to find other singles to date who follow the same limitations as they do. However, this is what halal networking is for. You can find other eligible Muslims in certain gatherings, like those planned by friends and family or those celebrating any special or religious occasions. Nowadays, you can even find single Muslims on some smart apps that are developed specifically to make the dating process a little less daunting and difficult. You will need to put yourself out there too and make some effort to get to know others and socialize so that you can find someone suitable for you. 

Islamic Relationships

Many people think that Islam prohibits all pre-matrimonial romantic relationships. However, this is simply not true. As a Muslim, you can date and be in a relationship with someone, as long as you both agree to stick to the religious limitations and know that your relationship is heading towards marriage. Halal dating is all about getting to know someone who can be your partner for life. You do not have to commit to one person as soon as you meet them, or even after a short period of time. You can both date for a while and get to know each other for as long as you need. But once you are sure that the person you are dating is the one for you, marriage should be the next step. 

Matrimonial Decisions

Dating in a halal way is just like dating any other way, with the exception of being physically intimate with your partner before marriage. When people go out in the dating world with the intention of starting a serious relationship, most often they expect those to last and end up in marriage. If you find someone who you think is your better half, and you want to be with them for good, then you will need to kickstart the halal marriage adventure. You will both need to let your families know of your decision, and both families will then need to meet to agree on the marriage and bless the bride and groom. 

Halal Dating Challenges

The halal way of dating has its share of challenges. For starters, finding another single Muslim who has the same ideologies and limitations as you do, not just when it comes to religious matters, but everything else can be even more challenging than usual. However, the great thing is, once you do find someone like that, the romantic relationship can be stronger than anything you have ever hoped for. It takes a great deal of patience and willpower to date in a halal way, but it can be quite worth it in the end. 

Finding your other half is not an easy task, especially when you are a religious person who wants to follow your faith as you search for the right partner for yourself. However, you should not give up on trying to find someone out there with similar ideologies as you. Even as a Muslim, you can still try halal dating and look for people who make you fall in love and complete you in every possible way.

Published on Holr Magazine