At this point, there’s no need for me to go into detail about how Coronavirus has begun to take it’s devastating toll on global businesses, the markets, our quality of life, conferences, sporting events, concerts, and charity events.

Planet Earth is basically on hold for now.

When I wrote my post last week about how to properly cancel your live event, I never expected things to spiral out of control as quickly as they have. I promised to put together a list of ideas and opportunities for charities that would help them in keeping their donors and supporters engaged in light of their having to cancel their events.

While I am close to finishing that post, there is an incredible, time-sensitive opportunity that I found that I feel I must share with you.

Generally, in order for a charity to run a Sweepstakes, it requires a substantial investment in legal and compliance. Sweepstakes campaigns also present a high-risk (of loss) to charities and/or risk of low profitability — especially if prizes of high value are being offered. On top of that are the costs associated with designing a Sweepstakes campaign and identifying and paying for the right technology platform to support the campaign.

As such, aside for the MAJOR charities who have the wherewithal and backing to design and run Mega Sweepstakes, the average charity does not have the opportunity to pursue Sweepstakes as a means to engage, excite and raise funds from their donors.

JMS is a company that has built a very innovative and creative solution to allow any charity to participate in Mega Sweepstakes without any risk or outlay of funds, while giving them the opportunity for high reward and engagement.

The JMS Secret: Their platform pools the resources of multiple non-profits to build Mega Sweepstakes campaigns with major prizes accessible to charities of any size.

Within 24 hours, they’ll set your charity up with a branded web page and a full peer-to-peer integrated platform.

To learn more about how you and your non-profit clients can benefit from their current Mega Sweepstakes campaign, please visit