Do you ever think you do not know what to buy when going clothes shopping? Do you think that when you go clothes shopping you don’t know if something looks good? Is your closet out of date, or you don’t know what to keep and what to throw away? Well, there is an app for that. The Style app is Canada’s first on-demand styling service.

This one-on-one virtual and in-person styling app connects men and women with some of the industry’s most experienced fashion stylists, all through an app. This innovative way to connect people with stylists is perfect for the times we are in. It is safe and effective, whether you want to shop online, shop in person, or even refresh and rearrange your closet.

The app connects you with a stylist of your choosing, based on your styling needs, your fashion sense, what you’re looking for, and anything like body type, lifestyle or personality.

How can you use the app? If you want to shop in person, choose a location like a specific store, or just a mall in general. Then you get to pick your stylist based on your own criteria, or we can choose one for you. Select a specific, date, time and duration. If you are doing this virtually, like online shopping there is no need to pick a location. Finally, chat with your stylist about any specific details, and once everything is arranged, you’re ready for styling.

Styling can be one of the hardest things. If you’re someone who doesn’t know fashion or just needs an honest opinion, this is the app for you. The creator of the app, Linda Stamko was just like you, when she wanted to give her son clothes as a gift she didn’t know what to buy him, and when she gave him the money he spent it all on a $400 belt. For many people, $400 towards a new wardrobe can be beneficial and can last you a long time. Linda decided to create this app to help people look good and feel good, and so far there is no app out there like it.

So if you’re someone who needs expert advice about fashion this is the app for you. At a rate of $60 an hour you get help from a fashion expert who can help change your fashion sense, they can make it better, educate you on what fits you best, and even help change what’s in your closet.
So go check out the app, and go on a shopping trip with your stylist, and be ready to take the hassle out of picking out clothes ever again!

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