What were Aaron Bushnell’s last words? HOLR breaks down the viral video making headlines.

Aaron Bushnell Video

According to this TikTok video posted by user @dailymail, a serving US Air Force officer, Aaron Bushnell, lit himself on fire outside of the Israeli Embassy in DC while protesting the Israel-Gaza war.

Aaron Bushnell Air Force

Why did Aaron Bushnell light himself on fire?

As the video claims, the 25-year-old stated that he would “no longer be complicit in genocide” as he set himself on fire shortly before 1 pm this past Sunday, while seemingly live-streaming the incident on Twitch (reported here). Bushnell’s last words were reportedly “Free Palestine” as he passed, as noted in this related article. Bushnell was reportedly then taken to hospital.

Guy Lights Himself On Fire

In the video filmed by Bushnell shown in the above TikTok video, the audience can see Bushnell walking towards the Israeli Embassy holding an “open flask of liquid.” As he made his declaration, he doused himself in the fluid and lit himself on fire. Security reportedly extinguished him after he was covered in flames for over a minute.

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Image credit: @dailymail TikTok