Why is Kat Stickler NYPD drama trending? HOLR breaks it down.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @amandachristine_1, TikToker Kat Stickler is seemingly in hot water after she posted a viral video about an NYPD police officer.

Image Credit: @amandachristine_1 TikTok

Kat Stickler NYPD

As noted in the TikTok video, Stickler recently posted a video featuring an NYPD police officer that went wild online, garnering millions of views on social media. Here is the viral video, and in the comments, everyone was seemingly hyping up the pair.

Kat Stickler TikTok

According to a Reddit post described in the “Drama Explained” video, the cop in the video is supposedly named Kurtis and Kurtis reportedly has a girlfriend, who caught wind of the viral clip.  Allegedly, Kurtis’ girlfriend was not happy with the video so Kurtis asked Kat to take the video down. The video remains up and Kat posted an updated video where she shows her married friends “her” New York cop. Kurtis’ girlfriend- supposedly named Christine- commented on the video saying that he is not Kat’s New York Cop- he is hers (referring to herself). She also calls Kat “disrespectful and classless.” Christine’s family also commented on the video claiming that Kat reportedly told Curtis how to act in the video.

Kat Stickler And Cop

Although it is difficult to tell who is who, the TikToker does believe that Christine is either a current or ex-girlfriend of Kurtis the cop. It is also alleged that Kurtis disabled his Instagram page in the process of this drama unfolding. Supposedly, after Kat followed Kurtis on Instagram, Kurtis received over 12,00 new friend requests.

Image Credit: @amandachristine_1 TikTok

Kat Stickler NYPD Reddit

According to this Reddit post, people are commenting on the alleged drama between Kat, Kurtis, and Kurtis’ girlfriend. Check out what some people had to say about the situation below:

“Yesss!!! This situation is so crazy cause imagine seeing your man on [TikTok] with another girl and then asking her to take down the post and instead of doing that she [posts] about wanting to take his clothes off 😭!”

“Been searching. I saw that the [cop’s] girlfriend commented on Kat’s [TikTok] & her name was Christine E (hiding the last name just cuz [I’m] not sure [of the] rules) but this was a screenshot… there were [no] facts behind it.”

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the first video. If the cop was worried about his GF he shouldn’t have agreed to do it. However, the second video filmed after he expressed his concern was low. Showing “her” hot cop to her friends and wanting to see him naked just to get more views is sad.”

What do you think about the allegedly viral clips and subsequent drama?

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