Adele is back and better than ever. The 33-year-old British singer has just debuted a whole new look, some new music and now 2 new Vogue covers.

The singer has made history for Vogue as the first cover star to share two covers, Vogue UK and American Vogue. As Vogue is one of the most prestigious fashion magazines of all time, it is very hard to break a record or make history for the magazine.

The monthly subscription magazine started off purely as fashion and has cover stars that weren’t stars at all. It wasn’t until the 90’s that the ‘IT’ girl became popular and people like Gwyneth Paltrow the renowned actress became a reoccurring star on the cover.

Now, men, women, couples, and families have all graced the cover of Vogue. Richard Gere became one of the first men on the cover alongside a woman, but in 2020 Harry Styles the fellow britt made Vogue history as well, becoming the first solo male on the cover.

Now, for Adele, she is the only person to cover the same issue for both British and American Vogue. Two totally different covers, the same story. Adele opens up to Vogue about her divorce, her incredible weight loss journey and of course, what we’ve been waiting for, her new album.

Both covers cover different aspects of the same story, but all in all, it is one loop around to uncovering this new Adele we’ve all been waiting for.

Article published by HOLR Magazine