Anna Wintour has been a part of Vogue for 25 years, and for the first time ever she released a cover of American Vogue with its first solo male cover star, Harry Styles. 

Image Credit: Vogue

It is no surprise that Harry Styles makes history once again alongside Anna Wintour, just last year Harry became the youngest ever to co-chair the Met Gala, alongside Anna, Lady Gaga, Alessandro Michele and Serena Williams. 

The cover to Vogue comes from a long line of work that Harry himself has done. Harry co-hosted with longtime friend and Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele, who also fitted all the outfits for Harry’s first solo tour. The commitment to the brand-led Harry to becoming the face of Gucci tailoring in 2018. 

Harry’s impressive resume has made the choice to be the first solo model the right one. Over the years Harry has been known for many things, first during his One Direction days he was called a ‘womanizer’ and a ‘cougar hunter’, but as Harry ventured into his solo career it was obvious Harry was none of those things. 

Harry started embracing his true self, and many of his fans followed. Harry created a platform, one that supported the LGBTQ and BLM communities; he started wearing clothes that he felt comfortable in, some looking more feminine, and he also started painting his nails. 

Image Credit: Vogue

Harry became the artist that everyone wanted to be and everyone looked up to. Harry was known as this cool rockstar, and once everyone started to like Harry, they started to like the things he did. This idea of Harry allowed people to open their eyes and see that being different and being yourself is allowed. Harry showed the world that they needed to TPWK (Treat People With Kindness). 

Anna’s decision to put Harry Styles on the cover of American Vogue was a no brainer. Being on the cover of Vogue is a lifetime achievement; an honour that tells the world that you are the real deal, it helps show the world what you stand for and helps the world realize how beautiful it can be. 

Image Credit: Vogue

Harry Styles is that person, he is a male figure in the world that represents fashion, beauty, and kindness. He now is a representation for all the little boys in the world who have dreamed of being on the cover of Vogue, and now realize that if Harry Style can do it so can they.

Anna Wintour saw who Harry Styles was, he was a man with the freedom to do whatever he wanted, to be whoever he wanted, and there was no better match than Harry himself to be the first-ever solo male cover star of American Vogue.