Prada introduces their spring collections 2022 this year at the MFW and was simultaneously showed in Milan and Shangai on Friday, Sep 24th, focusing on modern beauty and seduction.

For the first time in the fashion industry, a ready-to-wear collection was showcased simultaneously on catwalks in two different cities when Prada unveils its new collection in ts women line up in Milan and Shangai concurrently.


The show space, a cavernous industrial building in the middle of a sprawling complex, featured wooden boxes of various heights, which had been uniformly painted gray. Embedded in some boxes and columns were digital screens, and near them, taller flat screens. Snaking around them, almost like an urban highway was also the runway in gray.

Prada RTW Spring 2021

The set seemed to be an abstraction of an architectural model of a city or a city seen in a video game. Before the show started, the image on the screens was of night-time, neon-glowing Shanghai.

Seduction and modern beauty are what the designers were after, notably with chic, below-the-knee dresses in black, pink, neon yellow, and a lovely shade of flesh pink in cotton that looked almost tea-stained with a lightly gathered waist and the back buttons left mostly unbuttoned to reveal a taut belt and of course a lot of bare skin. 

Design Scene

There were also a couple of boned jackets in an off-white or pale pink cotton-linen blend that suggested at once a corset and the muslin traditionally used by couturiers to make their first samples. But where a corset constricts the body, these pieces were the opposite relaxed.

Check out the Full spring collection by Prada here

Published on HOLR Magazine.