Rumour has it … that a new Adele album is coming out, though even the artist herself doesn’t seem to know when she’ll release it.


The Oscar winner has not debuted any new music since November 2015, when she dropped her third album, 25. Even though it came out late in the year, it quickly became the best-selling album of 2015, and eventually, the fourth best-selling album of the 21st century.


The year came and went without any new music from Adele. No new album. No new single. Nothing. The closest fans got came when she hosted Saturday Night Live in October, and she performed “Rolling In The Deep” and “Hello” in a musical sketch, while sending love to SNL after her hosting gig, Adele seemingly hinted that she was holding off until 2021 to drop her next project  (“Peace out till next year”). And so, fans have waited.


But all of that is finally changing as  October 2021 sees the dawn of the new era for one of the greatest singers of her generation, with new music officially announced after a very long wait as  Adele surprised her fans with an announcement on October 5th that she would be releasing her first single in 6 years, Easy On Me, on October 15th. She even gave her fans the first snippet to listen to.

So we do not know about you, but we are definitely excited and can not wait for Adele’s new music.

Published on HOLR Magazine.