Aille, pronounced ‘eye’ is a forward-thinking brand that is disrupting the norms of the fashion world by making their brand one of the only to truly be inclusive to everyone. 

What does it mean to be inclusive? Well, some may think it is dependent on their sizing, others may think it depends on if they are gender-neutral. But the real inclusivity this brand represents is for the blind and visually impaired. 

Aille, is a brand that creates garments using Swarovski crystal to form phrases in Braille so that the blind or visually impaired can read the phrases written on them. 

Designed by founder Alexa Jovanovic, alongside a diverse team of blind and visually impaired people who love fashion, allowing for the work and creation to be authentic, practical and garments to be legible. 

This concept creates a fashion-forward aesthetic and creates a social impact on the fashion world that many people have never encountered before. Aille is a company that truly makes a statement in a world that is misrepresented. It gives jobs to people who may be treated or judged differently based on their impairments, and that follows along in the fashion world. 

Aille stands with the community they represent by donating 8% of their t-shirt sales to the Fighting Blindness Canada foundation, a place for research and support for blind individuals. 

Having created garments with braille allows for the blind and visually impaired to enjoy and love fashion, by knowing what is on their t-shirt because they can read it rather than someone telling them. 

“Fashion is for Everyone” is one of the many sayings on their t-shirt and represents who that brand is. This statement alone shows that the brand is truly inclusive, allowing for any sizes, any gender and anyone with or without a visual impairment. 

This is what it truly means to be inclusive because almost every brand in the world creates clothes that need to be seen, and Aille takes that notion away and allows clothes to be touched and that is the beauty behind this art.

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