Dr.Martens x A-COLD-WALL

The iconic workwear shoe brand Dr. Martens collaborates with A-COLD-WALL to create a new collection of shoes that represent more than the traditional wearer.

Dr. Martens Collaborates with A-COLD-WALL

For many Dr. Martens is known as a representation of oneself, a way to speak without speaking, for wearers of these iconic boots, styles and patterns allow that person to expresses themselves in a way they can feel confident. 

Since the early 1900s, and before they became Dr. Martens the boot brand was known to create boots for the working community, postal workers, factory workers and many more, now over 100 years later, the company is still making boots, but with a broader spectrum, and with the intent to be unique and inclusive. 

 A-COLD-WALL is a British-born brand that creates menswear fashion that refuses to assimilate to the mainstream. In other words, ACW is a brand that models its fashion on both street and working-class wear, which makes them a perfect pair for Dr. Martens. 


Dr. Martens Collaborates with A-COLD-WALL

New double-height Bex Neoteric sole — a takedown of the Quad Neoteric platform launched last year. The ACW and Docs Crafted using Dr. Martens notorious black Smooth leather, both silhouettes feature enclosed pointed, angular features and ghillie lacing. Reflective panels with A-COLD-WALL* branding add an embedded functionality that grounds this collaboration in a utilitarian space


Dr. Martens Collaborates with A-COLD-WALL

The 3-eye shoe features sharp, angular features that contrast its origins in uniform and workwear. Enclosed ghillie lacing refines and elevates the silhouette — while A-COLD-WALL* branded reflective panels ground the shoe in a utilitarian space. Finished with an AirWair heel loop and A-COLD-WALL* branded swing tag.

 Article published by HOLR Magazine