Two new collections have been added to the David Yurman family of jewelry and just in time to make those perfect gifts for the holiday season. 

David Yurman is a New York-based jewelry brand created and inspired by the crafts of founders David and Sybil, a sculptor and a painter. Now, years later the brand is known as America’s foremost luxury jewellery and timepiece brand that keeps innovating and adding to their lines and collections. 

Angelika is one of the two collections being released. The collection is said to be inspired by Davids’s early sculptures of angels. The collection is made in hand-finished sterling silver and 18K yellow gold, which brings to life the elegance in the pieces and the story behind the expressive optimism. 

The Angelika collection came about last year when David and Sybil rediscovered their roots in both their artistic paths. David, being a sculptor, created angels in some of his earliest works, and this collection brought them back to the inspiration and found their creative spirit. The sculptures of David’s early work brought on inspiration, and even a message of optimism and hope during these challenging times, from this inspiration David Yurman, created delicate beauty in the Angelika collection, and you can see the burst of movement and play of light among each of the elements in each piece of jewelry. 

The Zodiac collection is representative of the twelve zodiacs, and each star sign is transformed into a personal talisman. This collection as well brings back the artistry that David and Sybil share. The heritage of David Yurman’s artistry is brought on by each small-scale work and is represented by an individually hand-carved waxed design that is meticulously finished for an authentic look. 

In the Angelika collection, the wrapping motif is the center point for all the collection’s designs. The wrap or cable wrap is the focal point of this collection, creating a delicate design that brings together each element in a fluid, and almost motion-like aspect. The zodiac collection is a lot different, for the collection the design is all in how they represent each zodiac in a way that is a different interpretation. Very different from other designs, the zodiac collection is also fluid and brings motion to the pieces as each sign is brought to life in the illustrations. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine