Uh Oh! Deleted footage from Call Her Daddy shows hosts slamming Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. This is making waves online right now in light of Priyanka recently going on the show. HOLR has the details.

Call Her Daddy recently featured Priyanka Chopra as a guest on an episode of the podcast series, hosted by Alex Cooper. Check out the social media content promoting the recent episode, below.


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Priyanka Chopra Husband

Priyanka and Nick got married in 2018 and share a daughter, Malti Marie, together. It was recently brought to the internet’s attention that deleted footage from a previous Call Her Daddy segmentthen hosted by Sofia Franklyn and Alex Cooper- slammed the couple. The hosts reportedly said “nasty” things about the couple, touching on topics such as ageism, racism, and body shaming in the process. Since Priyanka was recently on the show, fans were outraged to hear about Sofia and Alex’s previous thoughts on the couple, especially how they are now circulating online in light of Priyanka’s recent appearance.

Check out these TikTok videos posted by user @thickbrunette66 that explain the controversy surrounding Alex Cooper, Priyanka Chopra, and Call Her Daddy.


audio from an old #callherdaddy podcast where #alexcooper calls #priyankachopra and #nickjonas ugly resurfaces after news that she would be appearing on the podcast

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Replying to @danaxelisabeth #alexcooper of #callherdaddy bodyshaming #priyankachopra and #nickjonss in a now-deleted episode.

♬ original sound – michelle

Alex Cooper Priyanka Chopra Reddit

Reddit users have taken to the platform to discuss the controversy in this thread titled, “Call Her Daddy’s awful deleted footage about Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka recently went on the podcast and thanked Alex Cooper in the end for talking to her like a human and not a subject. Sad because she probably didn’t know about this when she went on.” 

Check out what some people had to say about the interaction between Sophia and Alex regarding Priyanka and Nick, below.

This is disgusting. Ageism, racism, body shaming all in one video. I really don’t understand why any celebrities would go there,” said one user.

“This is completely unnecessary and disgusting behaviour. And isn’t this like a really famous podcast? How in the world did they think it was ok to speak such vile things about someone else’s body and private life? Hope this doesn’t get back to Priyanka cause she will be so hurt,” stated another.

“Also very homophobic because she’s implying Priyanka is ugly and using “lesbian” as a pejorative,” said another user.

“No because why would you even record yourself saying awful things like this?!” replied another.

Alex has not come out to address this deleted footage and Priyanka has not responded to the news.

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