A Tiktok post by @livin.lav.loca went viral as she revealed her secret to eliminating her dark undereye circles — Vitamin K cream. Check out the TikTok here!

“For the longest time, I had genetic dark circles, and none of the expensive eye creams worked,” she says in the video. “So I decided to use [Vitamin K] cream and try it out.” 

This cream appeared to work wonders for her! Her under eyes appeared bright and plump in the video.

What is Vitamin K Cream?

Vitamin K is a topical lotion, primarily used for skin recovery from bruises and scars. The application of vitamin K creams can also be used to improve dark circles, rosacea, spider veins, fine lines, and more.

So, Will it Get Rid of My Dark Circles? 

Well, it might! As @dermdoctor points out in a duet video, “not all dark circles have the same cause, therefore it would greatly benefit SOME people with dark under-eyes.” 

Dark circles can be caused by a variety of things, including but not limited to iron deficiency, increased melanin production, fat loss, or expanded blood vessels. 

Each of these causes would require different treatments: 

If your dark circles are caused by an iron deficiency, this can be combatted with iron supplements 

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If your dark circles are caused by increased melanin production, you would benefit from brightening actives ingredients, like topical vitamin C.

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If your dark circles are caused by fat loss, hyaluronic acid would help plump up any skin hollowness.

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Lastly, dark undereye circles caused by expanded blood vessels can be treated with ingredients that stimulate blood flow to prevent it from pooling, like vitamin K! 

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At the end of the day, everyone’s skincare needs are unique to them, so you should find the products that work best for you. 

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