Having trouble maintaining your products, allowing them to stay effective and protected? Look no further because the jumbo cosmetic fridge is here. 


The Cosmetic Fridge is a brand that specializes in a rose quartz facial roller and a selection of cosmetic fridges. Not only are the fridges luxurious and gorgeous, but the sizes will fit perfectly into whatever room you are choosing to style them into, tying in perfectly with the rest of your furniture. The cosmetic fridge comes in a range of styles and colours but the jumbo one is great for any beauty junkies out there.

The jumbo style allows you to store in larger products like fact mists, and cleansers. It has two removable top shelves so you can organize your products how you like and all styles have a side shelf perfect for face masks. For those beauty fanatics who load up on a lot of items at a time and want to preserve them this is a perfect solution. I have been using the jumbo fridge for the past few months now and it has helped wonders! 

I love to leave my rose quartz jade roller, face, eye masks, and serums in the fridge. So when I wake up in the morning with a really puffy face I use my roller straight out of the fridge and it feels so amazing. It really refreshes my skin, especially in the morning when I am so tired it helps wake me up. I have really noticed a difference with the roller helping drain any water retention I may have. 



Leaving my face masks in The Cosmetic Fridge has been quite the game changer, as I notice a huge difference when I use the products on my skin. My products have become much more effective now that I leave them stored inside a temperature that is preserving the ingredients properly. When I use my anti aging face masks for example, I notice and feel such a huge difference with the cooling sensation on my skin. I have seen amazing results at the end each time my skin looking firm and plump. 


Taking out my products from this stunning marble mini-fridge sitting on my makeup counter always makes me feel so happy and has become a big part of my “me” time everyday. Having this product at home and using it alongside all of my other beauty items really gives me the feeling of being at a spa. Be sure to pick one up and try out The Cosmetic Fridge experience yourself! 

For more check out https://thecosmeticsfridge.com  


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