Did Sara Beth Liebe quit American Idol after Katy Perry’s mom-shaming comments? HOLR is covering the story below.

According to this article, American Idol contestant Sara Beth Liebe quit the show weeks after one of the judges- Katy Perry- made a “mom-shaming” comment about Liebe.

American Idol Contestant Quits

Contestant Sara Beth Liebe reportedly quit the singing show despite saying that she is “not even mad” about Katy Perry’s mom-shaming comment. Perry made a supposed “mom-shaming” comment directed toward Liebe after she mentioned her age and how many children she has.

The conversation transpired during Liebe’s audition, where Liebe stated, “If Katy lays on the table, I think I’m going to pass out.” Perry then responded with, “Honey, you’ve been laying on the table too much.”

Why Did Sara Beth Quit American Idol?

Liebe took to her Instagram stories recently to address the situation by stating, “If you watch my videos, you’d know that I’m not even mad. I’m just trying to do music.” She also mentions that she was not using the show for “15 minutes of fame or whatever the hell everyone is saying.”

“I’m so over it. No more,” Liebe said.

sara beth liebe american idol

Image Credit: @sarabethliebe Instagram

Although fans thought she quit because of Katy Perry’s comments, this was reportedly not the case. As mentioned in the article, Liebe’s decision to leave the show was “not a ploy.” However, Liebe seemed to take to social media to share some behind-the-scenes information about her performance, stating that the program allegedly edited out multiple “standing ovations” from one of her performances.

sara beth liebe american idol

Image Credit: @sarabethliebe Instagram

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