Adrian Stoica and his beautiful dog Hurricane emerged as the winner of Season 18.

After battling it out for months, Adrian Stoica and his Hurricane crowned the winner of America’s Got Talent Season 18. They won the price of $1 Million and coveted Vegas residency. He had to compete with ten other finalists. The two-night finale featured performances by all 11 finalists.

The 82nd Airborne Chorus: Chorus
The Ramadhani Brothers: Head Balancing
Avantgardey: Dance Crew
Chibi Unity: Dance Crew
Anna DeGuzman: Magic
Putri Ariani: Singer
The Mzansi Youth Choir: Chorus
Murmuration: Dance Crew
Ahren Belisle: Stand-up comedy
Lavender Darcangelo: Singer
Adrian Stoica and Hurricane: Dog Tricks

The top 5 finalists were Adrian Stoica and Hurricane, The Ramadhani Brothers, Anna DeGuzman, Putri Ariani and Murmuration.

Meanwhile, Coldplay invited the Mzansi Youth Choir to perform in their upcoming show.

Furthermore, there were performances by from 30 Seconds to Mars, Jason Derulo, Leona Lewis, Jon Batiste, Diane Warren and The Mayyas, winners of Season 17.

After that, it was announced that the Ramadhani Brothers finished in fifth place, Putri Ariani in fourth place, and Murmuration in third.

Now, it comes down to the last two participants, where Adrian Stoica and Hurricane were declared the winner, and Anna DeGuzman was the runner-up.

Published by HOLR Magazine