Whether you’ve heard her in English, Spanish or any of the 7 languages she sings in, Angelina Alexon is a powerhouse of vocals, with a 5-octave soprano range. Angelina Alexon is a talent like no other, in a youtube video, she created a segment called ‘one girl 15 voices’ where she covered bits of songs from other powerhouse singers, like Ariana Grande and Mariah Carey. 

Covering the ‘high’ note from Mariah Carey is one impressive move for Angelina, and not many people can. Angelina is a rising star in the pop world with her new single ‘Private Paradise’ and others like ‘Down For U’ and her Spanish sung single ‘Amor.’ She has topped Latin dance charts at #2, performed on tv, and music venues all around the world including New York and LA. 

Angelina Alexon is a voice so unique, with the ability to sing in 7 languages allows for her worldwide audience to be bigger and she can reach and inspire more people. Her new single ‘Private Paradise’ is available on all streaming platforms now. Check out our interview with her below. 

Angelina Alexon

You have a new single called ‘Private Paradise’ what was the inspiration behind that?

I usually write 100% of my material but this specific project is a collaboration between Robert Cutarella, Branden Macor and me. They originally came to me with the idea and I added lyrics. It was a pleasure working with them. The concept was to make a pop song with a catchy romantic and sweet sound. Robert Cutarella is a friend for years now and is a reputable producer who’s won Grammy awards and has worked on over 60 platinum records.
You are known to sing in 8 different languages, will you be rereleasing ‘Private Paradise’ in other languages?
Not for this project. I have already written my previous single “All We Need” in 5 languages for my video which I released during Covid 19 lockdown. The video is called “one song in 5 languages” and reached over 2M views on FB Watch. My next project “Lucky Gem” will be releasing in 3 languages (English, Spanish and Greek) also written by me.
Out of the 8 languages, you sing in which is your favourite?
 I would say 2 are my favourite; English and Spanish.
Someone as multilingual as you, which artists inspire you, do different artist inspire you for different languages?
 For English, I was inspired by Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Britney Spears, for Spanish; Thalia and others. Also later in life, I discovered similarities with Nana Mouskouri as far as the outreach of different markets using different languages.
What inspires you to sing, especially putting in all the work and singing in 8 different languages? 
I love communicating my ideas and singing in various native tongues make it easier to connect with people’s souls. I am intent to learn more languages to sing in.
You created a video titled #onegirl15voices which artist was the most fun and which was the most challenging?
The most fun was Ariana Grande and Celine Dion although Britney’s and Mariah’s whistle notes were also fun but super easy for me. The only challenge for me was switching from one voice to the other.
You have a 5-octave soprano range which is very impressive, with a vocal range like that you could sing almost anything, is there a genre you would like to try out? 
I have tried Jazz and Rnb and really love singing them, I also have tried opera but def pop is for me, that’s the genre I write in.
As you just released ‘Private Paradise’ is this just a single or are you working on any more music right now? 
I’m working on a couple of new projects and one of them as I said previously is called “Lucky Gem” which I’m releasing in 3 languages soon.
Is there an artist you hope to collaborate with in the future who have inspired you, and your genre or taste in music?
I love Justin Bieber, so if I have the chance to collab with him in the future, that would be amazing!