Actress, singer, dancer, gymnast, and social media sensation Kelianne is a fierce, fabulous force you do not want to miss. This all around super has been everywhere from a US National gymnast, to working with brands such as Boohoo and Victoria Secret. Doing it all while maintaining a cheery disposition, Kelianne is a symbol of being a hard worker and free spirit. Kelianne joined us to discuss unique insights, share some fun facts about the journey that took her into social media and entertainment, her life as a soon-to-be bride, and exciting upcoming projects.

What was the journey that took you through all of the career paths that led you to where you are now? 

I knew I wanted to move to L.A when I was younger, and I made a decision at 19 to tackle the entertainment business. I didn’t know where I wanted to end up, but I knew I wanted to do the entertainment industry, whether it was; dancing, acting, singing. I just knew i wanted to be in the entertainment industry. Then social media came along and  opened up a lot of doors. I have been doing social media and now I feel like that is a greta tool that I have and can now do everything else that I want to do.


How did you use social media as a tool to give provide you with the opportunities that you have now? 

With social media you create yourself a brand and get an audience. So I’ve created this brand for myself, people follow it, and they’re so lovely and supportive, and it’s cool because I could create  like a clothing line, and already have an audience that I could promote it to. That’s just one cool way that I can use this tool in the future. There’s a lot of positive to social media.


What is some advice you would give people looking to build a brand and following on social media? 

There are a lot of things you can do, but some of the most important thing to do is find a niche. Finding something you do that nobody else does, and make sure it’s what you love to do. If you’d on’t love what you’re doing, people can tell so genuine about it and people will gravitate towards that. So definitely finding a niche and finding something that’s gravitating towards you, and staying true to yourself are very important.


Do you feel that being a US National gymnast help you get the tools, determination, and mindset you need to make it in the world of entertainment & social media? 

Yes 100%.  I started gymnastics at 7 years old, so from a young age I learned what hard work is and what discipline is. I think that carried on into now. I know what it takes and how hard I have to work to reach my goals. Gymnastics definitely taught me that, it was all blood, sweat, and tears with gymnastics.


When did you discover your niche?

It happened during COVID. Taylor, Nate and I were stuck in the apartment and started making videos together. It just is what would work best for all of us and posted video’s of our personalities and what people like to watch.


What is a piece of advice or inspiration you remind yourself often?

I always loved to set goals and work towards those goals. I did gymnastics growing up so I know what hard work takes, and so I always just tell myself “Stay true to yourself and keep working as hard as you can because you’ll get to where you want to be”, that’s always stuck with me since I was little. I think it also has to do with making sure you do what you love. When you do what you love, you’ll love what you do. I love what I do so it doesn;t feel like work to me. There are still some days that do feel difficult but i know i have an end goal, and I love to reach my goals. As long as I have that goal in mind, I don’t stop.


How do you manage to do so much in such little time, and still manage to be relaxed, open hearted and free spirited?

It’s very hard, I have an assistant she helps me a lot especially with my schedule, and I do very well with a schedule. If it’s on my schedule I know that’s what I do. My fiancé and I try to disconnect form social media at a certain time so we can just spend time together which is great.


How did you and your fiancé meet? 

I met him on Instagram, I slid into his DM’s. 😉 I have to put myself out there too.


What is your vice for your time off? 

I like to get away with my fiancé. Time just he and I, whether it’s sushi or going away for the weekend, any quality time with him helps me re charge and get back to normal.


What are most excited for when restrictions lift again? 

Travelling & going to amusement parks. I love roller coasters, I love Disneyland, i’m excited to finally do that.


Do you have any upcoming projects you can share with us?

Right now we’ve been filming a reality show that will air on Facebook TV, about life when we put down our phone. and i’m also working on my music in the studio but that’s all I can say about that right now. I am working with the trio on a podcast releasing soon called “Trio Talk”. That’s going to be interesting because we have never just sat down for an hour and talked in front of the camera, it’s a new experience and platform. The podcast world is completely different than something like Tik Tok so we’re seeing how people will gravitate towards it.