The chemistry between Angelina Pivarnick and Vinny Guadagnino on “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” persisted throughout the entire season, but she feels that he hides his true love for her when he’s among the other cast members.

Did Angelina and Vinny Ever Date? Snooki Says "The Fans Want to See It" (EXCLUSIVE)

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Before meeting her fiance, Vinny Tortorella, Angelina declared she would date him “full-blown.” Throughout the course of the season, she even asked Guadagnino to donate his sperm, a topic they revisit in this sneak peek for tonight’s reunion special.

After watching a montage of videos, including one where she encourages him to “just jerk off in a freaking cup and give [your sperm] to me,” the couple discussed their relationship and had very different perspectives on it.

According to Angelina, Vinny behaves “differently” when there are just the two of them as opposed to when they are around other people.

Angelina said, “He’s so different,” adding, “You’re extra nice and the Vinny I really like when we’re not around the fam. But when we’re around them, I think you put on this front, or you act a little differently like you don’t like me. Not saying you like me, or you love me, but you do act a little different.”

Vinny responded, “I think we all act differently when we’re just seeing each other on a random Tuesday versus when we’re all together as a group.”

By saying, “I’m trying to say there’s a difference in your tone and the way you are to me or what you say to me,” Angelina reiterated her point. You are aware that it is true.

Vinny repeated, comparing the atmosphere when they’re simply hanging out with him at home compared to being with the complete group, “It’s a different dynamic.”

Mike Sorrentino applauded her for being “very brave” in expressing her emotions on the television, before Pauly D added, “Sounds like love to me! Sounds like love.”

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