The ex-talent manager of the actor has accused Cloud of prescription drug addiction and verbal abuse.

Diomi Cordero, the ex-talent manager of Angus Cloud, has accused the actor of “verbal abuse, emotional distress & severe drug addiction” which led to his resignation, as seen in this Twitter thread.

As Cordero mentioned on his account, he met Angus in a rehabilitation facility, and they quickly became close acquaintances. Cordero continued the story by addressing the issues Angus was undergoing in his personal life. “Before my personal involvement, Angus personal life was in a state of disarray.“ he wrote. Diomi alleges that he has helped Angus create a new team to support his career, as well as his personal development. “This intervention allowed Angus to regain control of his personal and professional life.” Diomi added.

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However, according to the talent manager’s statement, Angus has relapsed a couple of days after completing his treatment. “Upon entering his premises and attempting to greet him with a hug, it became immediately apparent that he had resumed substance abuse, a mere two days after completing his treatment”.

Diomi continued the story by mentioning a time when Cloud needed CPR as he was struggling to breathe  following an episode of drug abuse. “Regrettably, as he regained consciousness, Angus vomited onto my face,” Cordero added.

Additionally, Diomi added that the actor had started verbally abusing him, which led in the end to the man’s resignation. Angus “had gone to the extent of degrading me publicly in front of his friends & even my colleagues”, Cordero wrote.

Angus Cloud Alleged Drug Addiction Reddit

Angus Cloud

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People have addressed the story on Reddit and many are questioning the credibility of Diomi. “Oof, this is so so heartbreaking. I’m not a mental health professional so I can’t speak to the experiences and choices Diomi outlines here (a lot of which feel questionable at best) but the way he’s going about this (publicly leveraging Angus’s personal struggles to obtain financial compensation – whether or not he feels entitled to it) seems so exploitative*.” a Redditor wrote.

Given the situation, Diomi created a GoFundMe campaign which was also critiqued by Redditors. “After exposing so many personal details about Angus, I don’t think many people feel compelled to reach in their own wallets to help this man.” a comment read.

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