Euphoria Angus Cloud Hit and Run

The Angus Cloud hit and run incident took place on February 21st. Authorities are allegedly searching for Euphoria star Angus Cloud after he was involved in a hit and run. A witness revealed to TMZ that the incident occurred in a Marina Del Rey parking lot on Tuesday night . Angus and a friend were driving in an SUV when it hit the back of a Toyota. According to the witness, the two males took off following rear-ending the car.

The female driver of the Toyota involved in the accident, allegedly suffered injuries to her legs and arms and shared the images with TMZ. The witness apparently knew the woman driving the Toyota and went to look for Angus and his friend after they took off but to no avail.

Authorities revealed that Angus Cloud is not an official suspect yet but that his name was brought up a couple of times for possibly being involved. At this time the cops just want to have a conversation with him to see if he was involved.