New Rumoured Couple Alert? Are NBA Player, Devin Booker And Wednsday Star, Jenna Ortega Dating?

The internet is in shambles trying to debunk this mystery picture which landed online of Devin Booker and Jenna Ortega out for dinner.

In the picture, we can see the two celebs locked arms with big smiles. The image includes a TMZ watermark which is leading users online to believe this must be true.

The response to this picture caused mass hysteria, some people were happy for the couple and some were devastated by the news, wishing ‘it was them.’

Fake News!

After doing some digging, it’s apparent that wherever this picture came from, it’s a product of photoshop. Whoever created this was trying to prank Twitter users and it seems they succeeded.

The photo of Ortega was taken at the Scream premiere in New York City and the photo of Booker was taken on a solo night out.

It seems other users started to piece this prank out and found it all good fun.

This user took the two pictures which were edited and helped set the record straight, putting minds at ease.

“I Hate Being Googoogaga Over A Boy”

Ortega was interviewed by ELLE where she was asked about her dating life.

“I think it’s secretly a pride thing. It’s a problem with a lot of female characters, that a lot of them are guy oriented or what they’re expressing or emoting is based on a guy’s position and a guy’s story.” She explains, “Maybe I am too obsessed with my work, but the idea of relationships stresses me out, And also being that vulnerable with someone and having to get to know someone that well and having someone see you for all that you are… My brain knows that I don’t need to think about that right now.” She concludes.

Image Credit: ELLE

Published By: HOLR Magazine