Jenna Ortega is now synonymous with the morose Wednesday Addams, but did you know that she almost passed on the role that made her fame skyrocket? HOLR investigates what the young star has said about her rise to stardom.

Jenna Ortega almost turned down ‘Wednesday’ role

As reported by Deadline, Ortega was at first disinterested in the offer to play Wednesday. When she got the email regarding what would be one of the biggest Netflix hit shows of the year, she thought that she would rather do movies.

“I have done so much TV in my life,” the actress said, “all I want to do is film.”

Ortega was worried that signing on to appear on more TV shows would prevent her from doing things she truly cared about. Fortunately, director Tim Burton successfully convinced her to change her mind.

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday

Image credit: Netflix

What’s Next for the 20-Year-Old Actress?

Following her popularity as the stoic and expressionless Wednesday Addams, Ortega starred in the horror movie Scream VI and also in the slasher X. As if starring in two scary movies is not enough to cement her reputation as the queen of everything spooky, she performed a comedy sketch on the March 11th episode of Saturday Night Live in which she parodied William Friedrickin’s The Exorcist.

Jenna Ortega does seem to have a penchant to act as a goth character. Fans have been hopeful that she will be cast in the Beetlejuice sequel as Lydia Deetz’s daughter.

Image credit: Scream VI

What do you think? Do you want to see Ortega in another gothic role?

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