Sabrina Carpenter and Barry Keoghan have reportedly been linked since the holidays.

Sabrina Carpenter and Barry Keoghan

Sabrina Carpenter and Barry Keoghan Dating

Image Credit: @thekylemarisa TikTok

According to this TikTok video posted by use @thekylemarisa, Carpenter and Saltburn actor, Kroghan, are reportedly an item.

Sabrina Carpenter and Barry Keoghan Relationship

Rumor has it that the duo were supposed to make their official debut at the Golden Globes this year, but that didn’t happen. Carpenter was previously linked to Shawn Mendes but the pair were never official and were just rumored to be dating.

Now, Carpenter and Keoghan have been spotted out and about recently in which the pair are seemingly rumored to be dating. Rumors have reportedly been swirling since December.

Supposedly, a blind item claim from before the Golden Globes alleged that the Saltburn actor needed a burst of good publicity in which Carpenter reportedly signed up to be his date to the Golden Globes award ceremony. However, as we now know, this did not go through as the pair didn’t attend together.

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Some people had a lot to say about the actor in the comment section of the above video:

Image Credit: @thekylemarisa TikTok

Although there is no concrete evidence to support these alleged claims, what do you think about the rumored duo?

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