A TikToker is going viral for selling Sabrina Carpenter her 25th birthday dress. However, her Depop account is now going viral and drama has ensued.

Sabrina Carpenter Birthday Dress

TikToker @jules took to the platform here to share how she provided Carpenter with her latest 25th birthday dress.


depop is @jbeescloset πŸ’› thank you @Depop @Sabrina Carpenter for the opportunity!!

♬ Espresso by Sabrina Carpenter – 𝓙𝓸𝓱π“ͺ𝓷 | ☾

In the video, @jules claims that she is a Depop seller who got a message from Sabrina Carpenter’s stylist asking if she could purchase the dress for the star. TikToker @jules alleges she has only been doing Depop seriously for around a year, and got this amazing opportunity. The dress is reportedly vintage Cachet and she sourced it in New York City a few years ago for $50, originally. She also cropped it into a mini dress.

She also linked her Depop account in the video for her followers- which is reportedly @jbeescloset.

Sabrina Carpenter 25th Birthday Dress

Carpenter took to social media to share the dress here:


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A post shared by Sabrina Carpenter (@sabrinacarpenter)

Depop seller TikTok

Following this viral video, people did some digging on the Depop account linked in the video, @jbeescloset, and uncovered that the seller is seemingly selling clothing for extremely high prices. TikToker @kaym0neyyy is going viral after making this video (below) seemingly exposing the account.


These depop sellers must be stopped

♬ original sound – K mo

In the clip, @kaym0neyyy talks about how the seller is seemingly selling Forever 21 shorts for almost $300. Forever 21 is known for selling fast fashion, in which they sell trendy clothes for reasonable prices.Β  As a result, the TikToker above had a hard time justifying this Depop seller’s price for the shorts.

After this TikTok blew up online, the TikToker (@kaym0oneyyy) made a follow-up video about the plot thickening here, in which the original Depop seller seemingly made a new account to sell the shorts after the video went viral about the price.


Replying to @π–˜π–π–—π–”π–”π–’π–Žπ–Š #greenscreen shes so generous for giving it to us for $288 instead of the original $298 😭

♬ original sound – K mo

This seems to be the case as the wording on the description of the shorts sounds the same and the price features only a $10 discount from the original price of $298. The TikToker alleges that this Depop seller made a second account to sell the shorts, as a result.

In another video, @kaym0oneyyy takes a deep dive into this Depop seller’s purchase history on the burner account and how she is skyrocketing the prices of these items she is selling on her original account.


Replying to @carolinewolinsky #greenscreenvideo #greenscreen everyone say thank you caroline for this new development 😘

♬ original sound – K mo

She finds out that the seller seemingly sold Hollister shorts originally purchased for $10 for $88. This sparked a wild debate in the comment section of the above video.

What do you think about this alleged TikTok drama?

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