Fashion, like the rest of the world, has moved on from the 2010’s decade, and so has skinny jeans, but if they’re still in your closet, with the right pairing, you can still make them work. 

It is hard to imagine that flared, bootcut, straight and boyfriend jeans would ever come back into fashion after the ’90s/ 2000’s fashion disasters, but they are, and they’ve kicked skinny jeans to the curb. 

Skinny jeans will always be iconic, don’t get me wrong. But, with wider tapered legs back in style, it is time for the skinny to move over a bit. 

Skinny jeans can be worn wrong, but they can also be worn properly. The style of the 2010s was super skinny jeans so tight it was hard to even put them on. Now, those, those are for sure not in style anymore. 

As for the skinny jeans, you thought you could still wear, those are salvageable. Skinny jeans now fit the criteria along the lines of many cuts I listed above. Some are straight skinny, which are not as tight to your legs, allowing you to still show your curves but also a more relaxed look. 

Another come back cut would be the flared. I know, I know, flared, really, well it’s back and it might just be here to stay. Now flared is completely different than skinny, but to really pull off a flared pant, you want it to be skinny and then flare out. These cuts look great with a tucked blouse or even a vintage t-shirt. 

The hard part of understanding how to still style your old skinny jeans is simple. If you want the slimmer look, take an oversized t-shirt or sweater, that way it balances out. If you have more of a straight leg pants or jeans, you can still pull off the bigger shirt, but make sure it’s tucked in at one point. 

The key to buying new pants or jeans that really isn’t that shy off of your old skinnies is to keep in mind the skinny or straight slim, that way the pant isn’t on its way to becoming flared. Another good styling point is to buy them highrise. Highrise gives a slim look but also shows off more shape.

Updating your closet shouldn’t be hard, and you should never have to throw away anything. If it’s in style or not, there are always ways to work with other articles of clothing to help fit the look as if it was just bought off the rack.