If you are looking to enjoy the Halloween celebrations but still keep your costume fashionable, we get you. And since you are not alone in this, we selected a few costume ideas to keep you fashion updated and relevant this Halloween. From forever remarkable fashion figures to currently iconic fashion personalities, here is a quick suggestion list with the best costumes for this Halloween!

If you are both a fashion addict and a Halloween lover – just like we are – we totally understand your every-year costume dilemma. By the time the month of October comes, you may keep wondering: “should I be faithful to the Halloween theme or should I go for a more fashionable look?”. We get that picking outfits for the Halloween festivities can be hard – especially for those who don’t want to give up their passion for being in fashion. More than that, we know that Halloween costumes can sometimes be a bit cheesy and fashion outdated. But, as forever fashion lovers, we are here to help you out! We carefully selected a number of costume ideas based on iconic fashion moments from 2021, on the most hyped fashion trends from this year, inspired by the most memorable fashion characters from trending TV shows, as well as some all-time emblematic fashion personalities. Are you ready to rock this year’s Halloween? Check this out!

1. Audrey Hepburn X Beyonce

Audrey and Beyonce

Photo Credit: Revista Monet

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a very well-known movie also celebrated for Audrey Hepburn’s remarkable “little black dress” outfit but this year the classic look got updated with Beyonce personifying Tiffany’s newest ambassador alongside her husband Jay Z and wearing the iconic Yellow Diamond necklace. A simple black long dress, a pair of black gloves, a tiara on a bun, and a gorgeous necklace make the look. Easy to reproduce, a forever classic yet fashion-relevant costume idea.

2. A$AP Rocky at the Met Gala

A$AP Rocky Met Gala Look

Photo Credit: O Cara Fashion

What could be more simple, comfortable, cozy, pandemic-friendly yet filled with style than wearing a quilted blanket as your costume? If A$AP Rocky did it for this year’s Met Gala, so can you this Halloween! Besides, the outfit not only carries fashion information – the patchwork coat was designed by Eli Russell Linnetz as a tribute to the ancient American technique of memory quilting – but it also is a reminder of the importance of upcycling in fashion.

3. Cruella de Vil

Cruella de Vil

Photo Credit: USA Today

The emblematic villain from our childhood movie 101 Dalmatians was turned into a live-action film entitled Cruella, released by Disney earlier this year. The new movie dives into the story of Estella, a young and very talented fashion designer aspirant living in London during the 1970s, amidst the punk rock revolution. The movie showcases amazing fashion outfits, especially the ones worn by the main character Cruella. So many costume inspirations can be pulled from this personage, so make sure to add a black-and-white wig to your favorite Cruella look.

4. Daphne from Bridgerton

Daphne from Bridgerton

Photo Credit: Vogue India

Daphne is the main character in the acclaimed Netflix series Bridgerton. Set in London during the Regency era, the series portrays young debutants wearing flamboyant and extravagant gowns while being introduced to society in search of a good husband. Daphne Bridgerton wears the most enchanting outfits, mostly in blue tones, with lots of volumes, embroideries, and details, always paired with gloves and intricate updos and jewelry. The perfect scenario to gather inspiration for a fashion costume.

5. Emily in Paris

Emily In Paris Looks

Photo Credit: Women’s Weekly

Emily in Paris is a Netflix series that portrays a typical American girl living in Paris. Emily wears the most outrageous outfits – which her French colleagues dislike – and her personality is always printed in her fashion choices. Highlights to the black gown Emily wore at the Opera, the black-and-white Vichy printed set paired with a red french beret, and her several classic tweed coats commonly matched to extravagant hats. A number of easy to recreate costume ideas can be found in this series, enjoy!

6. Britney spears

Britney Spears

Photo Credit: Daily Star

Britney has always been a fashion reference: the outfits picked for her video clips and her public appearances marked an era as most of them were quite controversial for those years. In 2021, there has been a huge fashion movement bringing back the trends from the 1990s and 2000s, a time when Britney was the ultimate pop artist, so getting inspiration from her most iconic looks is a great idea. Besides, the #freebritney has been trending for a while now, bringing Britney’s conservatorship back to the discussion. A fashion-relevant personality to get costume inspirations from.

7. Kim Kardashian in Balenciaga

Kim K in Balenciaga

Photo Credit: Nenroll Nenroll

Kim Kardashian’s partnership with Balenciaga and its Creative Director Demna Gvasalia comes from a long date. This year, Kim made several appearances dressed in Balenciaga: from her Met Gala look, to the Haute Couture wedding dress she wore for Kanye’s Donda listening party and her recent participation in SNL, the Kardashian sister rocked. Lots of Balenciaga looks to seek inspiration for a fashion Halloween costume.

8. Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour

Photo Credit: The Cut

Anna Wintour is forever a fashion statement: she has been the face of Vogue America for quite a long time and her position even allegedly inspired the classic Devil Wears Prada movie. Anna’s short hair and big sunglasses are her signatures, a look that represents and identifies her. The ideal go-to fashion costume idea for Halloween!

9. Harry Styles at the Grammys

Harry Styles

Photo Credit: Pinterest

The young singer is well known for being a risk-taker when it comes to fashion. For this year’s Grammy Awards, Harry wore a Gucci outfit composed of brown velvet pants, a V-neck pink striped sweater, a patterned suit, and purple feather boas. This certainly is a fun look filled with fashion information to replicate for Halloween!

10. Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo

Photo Credit: IMDB

Olivia Rodrigo is a very young and talented singer who has been fashion-influencing us all. She launched her Good 4 You video clip earlier this year and – besides the amazing song – Olivia appeared in a nice cheerleader outfit that can easily be used as inspiration for a simple yet trendy Halloween costume.

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