With the recent rise of hate targeting the Asian community, we want to stand with them and show our support. Supporting this community should be something we are always doing, not just when tragedies occur. This is why we want to highlight a few Asian-Canadian brands you can support now and always. 


OCIN is a lifestyle brand and eco-swim label founded in 2018 by Courtney Chew. All products are thoughtfully designed with the intention of being worn in and outside the water to add versatility to your style. 


ASOM is a Canadian independently owned small business founded by Mel Ho. They focus on Wearable Duvets, perfect work-from-home hand quilted jackets. All products are made with the best materials, sustainable practices, and ethical employment.


Velour creates hand-made, high-quality, silk and faux mink lashes perfect for any occasion. Founded by Mabel Lee, Velour makes some of the most durable lashes that can be worn 25+ times. 


Sage creates unique clothing inspired by Asian street fashion. This streetwear brand was created by a group of four students and they aim to represent east Asian culture with each of their pieces. 




Founded by Joy Yap, WYLD is a skincare brand inspired by nature. All of the ingredients they use are plant-based, 100% natural and products are cruelty-free and vegan. 

Noren Studio

Noren Studio was founded by husband and wife, Keith Lau and Josephine Liu. The brand makes fine jewelry that celebrates the intersection of tradition and invention. Each piece is designed with intention and handcrafted in Vancouver.