Hot or not? NAILGOD’s Raquel DaSilva dishes the details on this year’s top nail trends and which nail faux pas to pass on.


Spring is officially in full swing so it’s time to ring in the new season with trendy new nail designs.

We asked an expert for her advice on what’s trending vs. what’s not when it comes to revamping your nails for spring 2022. As a result, NAILGOD’s Raquel DaSilva (co-founder) is giving us the inside scoop on which nail trends are in vs. which are out just in time for the new season ahead!

What’s In

It’s official- colour is in! According to Raquel, the more colour, the merrier- so go bold or go home! Colourful rainbow tips are super fun and on-trend for spring and summer. This is because it’s a chic yet playful way to incorporate colour onto your nails.


Elevated french manicures offer a modern twist on an old classic. Pair your traditional french mani with fun geometric designs and muted neutral tones for an elevated yet chic overall look. We love this look for the upcoming wedding season!


Pastel swirls are iconic for spring! This is a nail trend we can get on board with because it combines colourful tips with dreamy designs. Say hello to your new favourite nail design inspo!


What’s Out

XL over the top stiletto nails are deemed “out” of season. Instead, consider transitioning your nails into a slender rectangle or soft almond shape. Stiletto nails with a ton of bedazzles are overdone and not functional for the everyday person.

The nail industry is leaving behind the traditional oval shape! The majority of people have replaced this once budding trend with the dainty almond shape. This is because it enhances every nail bed and draws attention to the hands. Almond has become a signature style in the bio-gel enhancement world. Plus, it is a favourite among individuals who love a luxury, high class, polished look.

As much as we hate to say it, the chrome nail trend snowballed in and melted quick. The high shine trend was fun for a hot minute, but -according to Raquel- clients typically came back before their scheduled refills for a more subtle design or everyday polish colour. Plus, chrome corners tend to tarnish quick with wear and tear, making this more of a special event nail look.

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Published by HOLR Magazine.